Star Wars The Clone Wars Story Reel 3 crystal crisis (with subtitles)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Legacy 3
Crystal Crisis Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Stranded on Utapau! Scouring the sinkhole planet… …attempting to stop a dangerous arms deal between Sugi raiders and General Grievous… …Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi… …learn that the weapon for sale is a massive Kyber Crystal. A powerful source of energy which, if in the wrong hands, could be harnessed… …into a weapon of unspeakable horror. In an attempt to stop the Separatists from purchasing the crystal… …the two Jedi outsmart and overwhelm their opponents. With the much-sought after jewel now in their possession… …our heroes attempt to escape Utapau. I’ve got the engines online. Okay. Here we go. What’s seems to be the problem? Three of our four engines are blown. Sugis must have sabotaged the engines before they fled. With the engines gone we’re going nowhere fast. I suspect the Sugi will be returning in greater numbers soon. We must get the crystal out of here. We can take it to the nearest space port, find a cargo ship. And how are we transporting it? Oh. Good point. Yes and I’m sure the Sugi are aware of our dilemma. Which is why they have time to regroup and rearm. We have to figure out a way to move it. And quickly. What we need is a nice beast of burden. Are those friendly? Well, we’ll know soon enough once you borrow one of those creatures. What? Why don’t you handle that? Creatures always like you better. Well, this will give you an opportunity to improve your relationships. Now let’s split up. A harness? That’ll do nicely. Come on, move it! Move it! One of you things is coming with me today. Well, I guess you’re better than nothing. Hello there. You never saw us here. Goodbye. Come on, Anakin. Now I was expecting something a bit larger. Yeah. Me too. This was the only one that liked me. I had a big one, alright? But I couldn’t get it to move. A lot of of good that does us now. Well, next time you get the beast. Next time I’ll bring Master Windu. Yeah. ‘Cause he’s a loads of fun. General Grievous will be arriving on the plains shortly. I trust the area is under your control. I… Well, we can no longer trust the Amani to guard the transfer. The crystal… Have General Grievous meet us at the port. The port? The entire point of involving the Amani was to provide a well-protected… …safe haven for this deal. The port is safe. I have a friend inside the government. I sincerely hope you’re not going to try and keep the merchandise for yourself, Endente. That is not possible. We finally agree on something. We have to hurry. The Sugis are likely to return and Grievous may be with them. We need to center it perfectly or it will never hold the weight. I hate to break it to you, Master, but isn’t the cart just gonna break when the crystal land on it? Well, we’ll lower it slowly. You know, there are two of us. – Ready.
– Yeah. Wait, wait! Are we cutting first and then using the Force? I was thinking we do it in the same time. How exactly do we do that? Well, one hand cut the strap and the other two Force Grab the crystal. One hand for something that heavy? We only have to keep it from crashing to the ground, Anakin. We don’t have to hurl it like a grenade. Alright. I said alright! On three. One. Two. Three. That was easy. Great. Not to worry, Anakin. If we double the output, it should compensate for the weight. If we double the output, won’t the batteries drain quicker? That shouldn’t be a problem. We’ll be halfway to Coruscant long before this hover cart runs out of power. Now all we need is for our beast to be cooperative. – You think he’s up to it?
– I think so. With the proper incentive. This may in fact be the slowest creature in the galaxy. It’s doing the best it can, Master. If and when we get to the port, there’s still the question of safe passage. I have a strong sense someone on the inside is working with this Sugi arms dealer. We’ll get off this planet, Master. Please try to relax. Relax? Well, this is a turn of events. Did you just tell me to relax? Well… What I meant was- We’re lugging a massive volatile Kyber Crystal of unimaginable value across the Utapauan plains… …at a snail’s pace and you, Anakin, are telling me to relax? If we can’t figure out a way to go faster, the Sugi are surely going to catch us. Well, this was inevitable. I hate it to be right. Now it runs. Anakin, it’s going to tip the cart. That was only the first wave, I’m afraid. And now we have nothing to pull the crystal back to port. Actually, now we have something better. That speeder should do nicely. Where’s that worm Endente with my crystal? He will be here, General. Why are we making the deal here? And not on the plains? I do not know. It was Endente’s idea. Locate Endente and contact me when you find him. I don’t know why you’re bother with their dead. Well, they’re might be our enemies but we must still respect them as living beings. Well, they’re not living anymore. And I’d respect them if they weren’t tried to kill me. I hope this works. Come on. Try the booster on the left. That’s not a booster. No, I think it’s a booster. Do you wanna fly? No, no. Feel free. Yes! Just in time. Step on it. Get after them! What just happened? The crystal reflected the canon fire back at them. Don’t hit the crystal. You’ll get us all killed! – What is it?
– Grievous is on the war path. Where are you? Well, tell them I’ll meet him in the city. Now where’s he going? Looks like he’s heading toward the city. There’s a port up ahead. It’s about time something went our way. I’m afraid that time isn’t here, yet. Magna Guards ahead. – Is Grievous with them?
– No. You wanna fight him up here or in the sinkhole? We have to keep moving forward. I say sinkhole it is. Aren’t you being adventurous today? Not by choice, I assure you. Steady, Anakin. Well, you wanted to go into the sinkhole. It doesn’t mean I can’t be the voice of reason. Looks like the Magna Guards have caught up. Lucky for us. Ah, General Grievous. Thank you for meeting me here. The deal is right on schedule. Where is the crystal? The crystal… Oh yes… Well, we had a minor security issue with the Amani. But the crystal is being delivered as we speak. It should be here momentarily. Oh, really? And how will your soldiers get it here? Now we have secured the necessary transport. They won’t have a problem getting it back… …from the Jedi? Do you think I’m an idiot? My Guards just reported back to me… …that the crystal is in possession of Skywalker and Kenobi. Wait! What… That’s not possible. If you don’t have the crystal, then there’s no reason to deal with you. Deal off. I will handle this myself. Grievous is here. Don’t worry! I’ll think of something. Well, at least we made it. Obi-Wan. Governor Bloom, General Grievous is on our trail. We can’t let this crystal fall into Separatist hands. I am afraid it already has. Oh well that’s just great. Looks like we delivered the crystal right to Grievous. Easy, Anakin. We have captured the Jedi and the crystal has been secured. Have it taken back to my command ship. I will be there momentarily to deal with the Jedi. Load the crystal onto the shuttle. Master, I’d rather not be here when Grievous arrives. Governor, I suggest you tell the droids to let us go. Sorry to disappoint you. Kill them! Wait, wait! Oh no! Don’t shoot! Let them go. Let them go. Thank you for being so cooperative, Governor. – Ah, what should we do?
– I don’t know. Ask him. Shoot them now! Shoot them now before they get away. Ah, shoot. I am sorry, my Lord. No. Now you’re sorry.

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