Starlight – Raine Hamilton String Trio

(reel projector sound) Ooo (instrumental) My darling my darling
I can’t let you in dearly departed are most of my kin my love and my lover I bid you adieu regret only that I can’t travel with you (instrumental) Ooo (instrumental) And what of my mother, I haven’t the words I’ve only the saucer and cup that was hers my brother my brother who won’t say my name
the shame that I’ve done to you you’ve done the same (instrumental) By only the starlight I follow the line
made by the river and carved out by time I look to the willow that grows in the sand
turning with sunlight the air from the land (instrumental) Ooo
Ooo (building in intensity and volume) (instrumental run) Ooo (calmer, resolution) Ooo


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