Stateroom 9623 Cabin Tour Norwegian Pearl Caribbean Cruise Ship Day 1 Vacation

this is our room look pretty decent pretty good I think oh yeah getting there okay I’m gonna give you a tour of our room it does look different like a mirror on the wall over there and I like all the art on the wall look pretty good in the bed the leg is all push together so it’s made for a double bed for me and Teresa all set at least it when you come in like in some of the carnival cruise ships you come in the door and and all of a sudden all you did is cabinets and stuff but now you gotta open space our TV look pretty good and looks pretty good right here yeah yeah thats our have fun times our free daytime “freestyle” looking good in the cabinets right here oh yeah then we got some large cupboards pretty good and I’ll flotation devices here and like our safe then put stuff in valuable while you here let’s see what we got in here yeah we got the drink and everything in here with that’s expensive stuff so we won’t be touching that stuff there anything that we would have needed we make sure we order it before we get on ship down here we got to our water in the ice bucket you know for drinking water and ice stuff at night but like you say that still paid to its a paid bar and let’s see what else we got okay that’s looking here as a shower okay oh the bathroom look totally different hey baby you showed up did you hear me hollaring at you I heard you holler but all I saw was the number they had it pointing thatdirection yeah but you had to be right huh but I guess I thought you got the first clue when I went in the room I didn’t even see you going to fucking room okay I guess you was right I don’t think this will be different don’t it look at that Oh and they got instead of the curtains where you drown your floors and stuff in here like you say the sliding glass doors that looks pretty good the shower gel nice loving this loving this at all really pretty good it different I got an inside room at least its half the price the stuff so you can cruise twice as much they got more places to plug your your stuff in you see we’re right here so you gotta place to plug in cooler yeah cooler would be great I’m hot yeah you been running around what’s that in the headboard those things right oh those are lights lights yeah so where the plug in things right here would oh they do they got two if you want to plug your device and just with the USB you can charge your device and two to plug additional things in that’s different ain’t it yeah what about over here ah you got a hub a 120 volt right here another one 120 it’s a 120 but I don’t know what you plug into that 110 2 210 110 I don’t know what I was saying about 11 10 is actually another plugin for our look our stuff what’s this right here I don’t think thats nothing oh thats a light night okay in the closet the closet not very big the closet look pretty good and got shelves all over there and when you come in you’re not actually coming feeling like you’re going down the tunnel like a hole you got spots and stuff to store stuff and whatchamacallem down there as well guess that’s our room is the perfect size for sailing we don’t spend much time in it anyway other than sleeping and taking naps and other than that will be up on deck I guess that’s the end of the tour signed off

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