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hello everybody welcome back to our
channel as you can see we have these two beautiful steaks waiting for us to
experiment on them and experiment today is about how to make the best possible
crust on a steak and the best way to make this experiment will be starting with
the meat. The meat quality has to be really good… This had two beautiful New
York Strip 1 1/2 inches choice! It’s an amazing steak as you can see is full of
fat and the marbling within the steak is amazing. I’m impressed it is a choice but
I’m telling you it’s very good! And I’ve been looking into this for a long time
I’ve been trying to create the best crust on the steak for a long time already
and I found these people that came to have the perfect method that will always
work… So we’re gonna put it to the test today and see what happened! The
recommend a method for this perfect crust is really simple, all we have to do
is, we wanna make some cornstarch with salt apply it to the steak and put it in
the fridge for about 30 minutes we’re gonna do that with one of the steaks and
the other one is going to be exactly the same way always do and test it
that way let’s see if it’s possible… On steak number B we want to treat it
exactly’s and what we always do! The only difference is that we want to put it in the
fridge for 30 minutes together with the other one, and maybe that helps also in the
crust, I’m going to be testing this thing guys! Let you know in the end! as you can see in this video a time
passed really fast so 30 mins pass by already! We’re gonna just put some pepper
and garlic powder on these babies and we’re gonna go into the grill with them!
Wish me luck! well guys do you see these beauties
what do you think about this. What do I think? Did you see me running inside to
get some bread so I can dip all those juices in the bread! It can’t go to waste!
This thing is leaking brother! This thing is leaking! What is it? what is it? Well this
is exactly two similar steaks they’re both New York steak but we’re testing
the crust today, okay, we are going to see what is the best crust from both of those
and we are using a competitive and new method that we never used before which
might help I don’t know, really? yeah! oh my gosh! I mean they look pretty
similar man, I don’t know… you know what this one here mm-hmm
it looks more like caramelized and this one I can see that it’s like a normal
crust. So these are normal cross for you this is caramelized? Yeah this is more
like crunchy on top! Let’s go for it let’s give it a try okay so we’re gonna
try which one first number A this one I’m gonna cut I’m gonna cut both of them
it’s exactly the same meat, okay, so you can you can have one side like I have one
side that we can compare… I mean you cannot avoid to talk about the flavors
oh! wow Wow guys such a nice flavor, intense flavor,
beefy, real good, real… I don’t know it’s like the beef is intensifying this one
it’s amazing I freaking love it you do love it too! Let’s go for number B
let’s get more or less the same size of steak oh look at that color guys hey can
you cut a little bit smaller for me people definitely I don’t have a problem
with them I love! Thank you, okay alright so let’s go for it and let’s see
what happened let me just ah yes can’t it go waste Wow mm-hmm man it’s so good! Meat is so
amazing! Well I’ll start by saying both of them are DEEEELICIOUS brother! amazing they’re really good tender as hell yeah! really nice flavor, intense beefy, But we
need to talk about the crust! what do you think about the crust? The one that hit me
first as a like a type of bark this one number A and the number B has a
better bark umber a has a better bark? has a better bark and number B it was
kind of crunchy okay so I don’t know what you did different, what we did
is these steaks number A has salt with cornstarch which it’s supposed to suck the water
from the steak and give you a better crust. The other one is just a regular
steak like we always do and to tell you the truth I can not say they are
different you couldn’t like a bark and this one
was more like crunchy let me give it a try to a smaller piece see what it does not affect the flavor at all no because both
of them taste the same this always a little barky… yes let me try this
one now… Yeah right yeah there is a difference I say number A is more
charcoaly on the crust it has a better charcoaly flavor on the crust which is
amazing really like it, yep, it’s no more crispy but it has better flavor on the
crust so I think it’s true! it is! it is and actually just looking at him right
now yeah yeah you can tell the difference… what do you think
about look at this… this looks like perfect literally it looks really nice
and as you can see when I took it out and look like it was a little burnt but
it’s not burning it is just the outside a little bit darker that’s it but it
tastes really good so I guess is true it is true I mean
that’s what a little bit of cornstarch on that salt because that work I will
call this a foolproof crust! there we go yeah I kind of like it it’s really nice
I mean it doesn’t make a lot of differences are you true I was expecting,
again, I was expecting a little bit of crispness in there but it’s I’m awesome
I love it I love them both both are amazing their flavor the tenderness
everything is exactly the same just a little more charcoaling flavor in
number A. SO it is true! We need to put some cornstarch on the salt from now on or something like that the difference it’s not that big, but, I want you
guys to give it a try yourself and let me know maybe I mean maybe you need a
little bit more maybe you need a little bit more time on the freezer you know we
can experiment with that it does make a little bit difference it does but it’s
not over warming it’s not something that you really have to pay attention to it
if you want to know that it’s a difference between them
that’s what I’m trying to say there we go another one man there’s always good
all right it’s time for us to look for the next shoutout chair! let’s see who it is! Carol Paul and Emily! guys you’re gonna
love this one I mean both of them are amazing both of them are delicious and
look at those colors it’s perfectly done and don’t forget about the bread! those
juices cannot go to waste cannot cannot cannot cannot cannot I
mean I’m not a lot into that but yeah I hope you guys like it I hope you guys
enjoy it please if you like it hit us with a
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today guys bye remember that I love you we love you


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