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Today’s video is all about mastering
flavors. Whether you like a tomahawk steak or a Wagyu it does not matter
flavor is everything. Learning to put a steak rub together is easy if you know
the basics and I’m gonna share with you everything that I’ve learned through the
years. And by the end of this video not only are you going to be able to make
some amazing steaks but you will also be able to develop some incredible flavors.
This is mastering steak rubs. So let’s do it! You can make a rub out of anything, but
today I’ll be using the most popular ones starting out with my control which is
salt pepper and garlic powder. Then I’m gonna be doing a very popular one which
is Montreal seasoning. I’m also putting together some Middle Eastern flavors. And
to finish it off I’ll be doing a Latin one as well. My goal is to show you my
thought process when I’m making a rub, this way you’ll be able to develop your
own flavors that you like. Once you know how it’s easy. Now these are gonna be
steak rubs and we can’t do anything without steaks. If you like to save money
like I do I like to buy everything in bulk. This is a full New York strip loin
and as you can see it is USDA prime. Purchasing the whole loin allows me to
butcher it myself to save big bucks. Whenever you buy in bulk you will
maximize your savings and butchering a host strip loin like this is no big deal.
I started off by removing the tip. Then I made steaks of one and a half inches
thick. Once I was done cutting them I was left with beautiful steaks. This is what a prime steak should look
like. Those little white pockets are intramuscular fat and it’s something
that you should always see on prime steaks. Since there is a lot of
intramuscular fat you don’t need the outer fat. I like to do what’s called a
super trim, which means to remove most of the external fat. Now I don’t throw that
fat away I use it for many other things like burgers or beef tallow. But once I
was done super trimming this is what they look like. You also want to be looking for white
fat there’s a reason why Japanese Wagyu A5 is white because it is the best
of the best. So whenever possible avoid yellow fat. And out of all those
beautiful steaks these are the four I’ll be using today they are perfectly
trimmed and ready for seasoning. The most important thing I want you to take away
from this video is that salt is the master of all seasoning. Adding more or less
salt will completely alternate your entire rub and sometimes you won’t be
able to distinguish any flavor if you adding too much or too little of it. So
whenever you’re making a new rub remove the salt element out of it, by doing that
you know that you’re tasting a rub and not the salt. And to start off with a big
bang we’re gonna do a Montreal steak seasoning. And remember exact amount in
ingredients always on the description down below. We start off by adding red
pepper flakes, dill black pepper, mustard powder
coriander, smoked paprika, granulated onion and to finish it off granulated
garlic. Now all there’s left to do is mix it well and your Montreal steak seasoning
is done. The second one our Middle Eastern
flavors all the exact amount and ingredients will also be in the
description down below. I started with turmeric followed by sumac, black pepper,
cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon sugar, granulated onion, and to finish it off granulated
garlic. Now all there’s left to do is mix it well and your Middle Eastern rub is done. The last one I mixed up some Latin
flavors. It might be one of the easiest one to do. I started with chili powder,
adobo seasoning, sazon seasoning, garlic powder and onion powder. Now others left
to do is mix it well and your Latin style rub is done. Now that we have all of our rubs ready
all there’s left to do is add them to the steak and I started by first adding
the salt then followed by my rub and the first one was salt, pepper and garlic
powder. This would be our control since it’s a flavor that we are really
familiar with it’s perfect to compare. And remember I always season both sides
and also the edges. The second one I did the same exact thing I started by
seasoning with salt and then threw in my Montreal seasoning. The next one I did
the same process by adding my salt followed by my Middle Eastern rub. To
finish off my last steak after adding my salt I threw in my latin rub and my
Latin steak was ready. But now that I’m done seasoning all of my steaks today my
goal is to cook them over wood fire and for that I got a new grill. I’m first
going to be searing them off and then cooking them in indirect heat until they
reach an internal temperature of a hundred and thirty five degrees
Fahrenheit, and for that I’ll be using my wireless thermometers. But now I say it
is enough talking and it is time to cook them so let’s do it. Alright everybody we have our beautiful
steaks over here what do you think Angel?
They look amazing I haven’t had steak in a while. So I’m ready.
Each single one of them is the same steak but they have different type of
seasoning and I want to know which one you like best.
Seasoning? Yes it’s a little bit different every single one of them and we’re gonna
judge and see and find out which one is best.
Sounds like a plan? Let’s go. Very first one we’re gonna let you know how we like
everybody. Cheers! You going for another one already? Dude, take it easy dude. That’s a Guga steak. That is a Guga steak .Definitely something I’m familiar
with, but it’s also something that never gets old. Never gets old.
All right, let’s go for that second one buddy. Cheers everybody! Completely
different. I can get behind that! That’s good. That is good. I can get
behind that, that’s a good one. That is very very nice.
Nothing overpowering. It’s a good flavor mm-hmm it doesn’t kill the steak
or anything whatever it is. The secret is not to overdo it.
Make sure you salt it before you put your actual seasoning. That is very nice
I enjoy that. It’s not what we’re used to because that’s what we are used to. That’s the one we are used to
– yes you’re absolutely right that’s the one we are used to. still you can’t you
can’t fake that taste we know what it feels like.
That’s a nice salt, pepper, garlic powder right there. I’m excited to try the third one. You
ready? All right let’s go for it third one everybody. Cheers! Cheers! This is a good experiment! We’re having a
great time! We are having an amazing time! that is phenomenal! This one has a little
bit more power. Yes. This one is more like, in your face than the last one. It is so
different than each other you know what I mean? Like they are just completely
different experience. Look you can go to a restaurant and they could give you the
same exact cut of meat and they just put that rub on it and it changes it
completely. This one is phenomenal I really enjoyed these flavors the
combination of all of it together. Alright let’s go for the last one buddy.
Let’s do it! I mean it’s it’s not getting better or
worse they’re just getting nice. Is it really it’s not better or worse it’s
just now it’s more like they’re all good. They are all good. Its not oh its getting worse all the way through or is oh is getting better. No they are all good so far. Very, very good. Okay this is the very
last one. Cheers everybody! Wow very different. You don’t like that
one? I like it okay I can’t put my finger on what it is.
Why? Because it’s kind of similar to the Guga one. Really yeah to me it’s a little
bit similar in a certain way. I think what’s happening is that you are very
familiar with these flavors. Very familiar and it’s bringing some
memory back on your brain and you had that before. Anyway. I had it? You had it
before. It seems like it has more flavor. More pronounced flavor and it’s
different. I feel like you’re just starting to do like a mastering video
for rubs. For rubs? Yeah this is like Guga’s mastering steak rubs. That’s exactly
what I might title the video then. Name it that. There you go Angel picked the name of the
video mastering steak rubs everybody. It is very good. I don’t know if I can pick
a favorite. So we have Montreal, we have the Middle Eastern flavors and then we
have Latin flavors. You know so for me at least
I am really torn between the Middle Eastern one and also the Latin flavor but
the Montreal is so amazing as well. They are all fantastic everybody. You know what
I think it’s? That this one- which is the Middle Eastern- it is powerful
the flavor is powerful but it’s not spicy it’s not no sweet it’s it’s a good
little area. Like nice well-balanced. So when you are mastering your seasonings
for a steak or your rub- you like that? Like you said What you are really trying to do is not overpower it
with the rub or anything. That’s why it is important for you to season it with
salt separately, because salt will alter the amount of your rub if you put a lot
of salt on one rub and not enough on the another rub then you’re going to be like
oh because this one tastes better because it has more salt. Okay so when
you try to master something take the salt away from the equation that will
give you the real flavor of the rub so that you can find out which one is
better for you. Like angel said for him is the Middle Eastern flavors because
it’s very nice. I love that one too, I love the Latin, I love the Montreal, I love the
garlic powder and you know the basic one as well. Salt, pepper, garlic. You can’t go wrong
with any of these they are all fantastic. Anyway guys these are the results I hope
that you understand how I like to put my rubs together, how I judge the flavors.
Every single one of them is fantastic. Agree? 100%. If you enjoyed this video
make sure you give it a thumbs up, if you’re not a subscriber be sure to
subscribe for future videos. Remember if you’re interested in anything I use
everything is always on the description down below. Thank you so much for
watching and we’ll see you guys on the next one. Take care everybody. Bye bye


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