Steampunk Cuff Link Bracelet Video Tutorial

Hello and welcome to another video brought
to you by and Today I’m going to show you how to make this
bracelet. It’s made with cuff bracelet links, which you can find if you do an online search,
you can find them mostly in ceramic or in metal. These ones happen to be links I have
in my Etsy shop, Fancy That Art Jewelry and they’re made out of polymer clay, which means
they are very light weight and very comfortable to wear. So let me show you how to make this
bracelet. So I thought first I’d show you a few examples
of these cuff links that you can use to make a bracelet. I really love this style of bracelet.
I’ve never been too fond of wearing cuff bracelets as they just seem to be uncomfortable. As
you move your wrist, the bracelet doesn’t move. So I started making these. Like I made
this one for myself some time ago and I love it. It’s just very comfortable. But what we’re
going to use are these links, which you can find in my Etsy shop as I mentioned before.
At the moment I have these three styles. There’s floral, and steampunk which we’re going to
use and then there’s this script and you can actually, they’re all made to order so you
can ask for them in any color that you want. At another time I will show you how to make
a great bracelet just using one of these, but for today’s project we’re going to use
three. So you’ll need three cuff links. You’ll need
14 8mm jump rings, 8 spacer beads, a lobster clasp and then you’ll also need 8 eye pins.
You’ll also need two pair of chain nose pliers, round nose pliers and wire cutters. So the first thing we’re going to do is use
our eye pins on our spacer beads just to make the pieces that will link the bracelet links
together and we do that by sliding a bead onto your eye pin. Grab it with a pair of
chain nose pliers, bend it at a 90 degree angle, grab it with your round nose pliers
right at the bend, start wrapping a loop. I love these gold wiey wonky beads. Actually
a friend gave these to me a long time ago and I never used them because every time I
got them out, they just seemed too wonky to me. So when I got them out and looked at them
for the steampunk I thought they were absolutely perfect with the steampunk look. So you finish
your loop, cut off the excess with a pair of nice close cut wire cutters and then straighten
out your loop and actually at this point you can make sure that your connector is nice
and straight and that the loops are closed up because we won’t need to open them again.
So I’m going to go ahead and do that for all eight of my spacer beads. Alright so I’ve gone ahead and made all of
our links. One thing to keep in mind with this particular bracelet design is that you’ll
notice that I have all the links, the loops going parallel to each other. Mostly it doesn’t
really matter if they’re twisted, but in this case it kind of does because of the way we’re
connecting things together. So when you do that, the way you do that is when you make
your first bend, if you’re holding this here, just make the bends go in the same direction,
parallel to the way that the eye is already made. So the next step is to sort if you want a
certain link to be in the center, I mean these are all, it doesn’t really matter in this
case. They’re pretty much the same. So now we’re going to open one of our jump rings
and you have to open it pretty wide and we’ll pop it through one of the holes in the side
of our bracelet link and notice that I made two holes in these and that’s to keep the
bracelet from twisting out of shape on your wrist. Slide on one of your links and go ahead
and close up the jump ring making sure it’s nice and securely closed. The nice thing about
using 8mm jump rings is often you only need one pair of chain nose pliers. You can actually
manage to manipulate it with your fingers. Yep, I don’t really need that one. And when
we put the second one on, we’re going to make sure, this is why we wanted them going in
the same direction, you want to make sure to keep that straight so that it doesn’t twist.
See what I mean? And then we’ll just go ahead and close that up and my fingers are a little
big to get in there so we’ll use the tools. The important thing is to make sure that you
close up. See there’s a gap there so I’m going to twist them apart and then back together
again so that they’re meeting. There and there’s one. And then I’ll repeat that for the other
hole. So the first one’s easy. You can just pop
it on any old way, but then once you connect the two together you want to just be sure
that they’re not twisted and make sure that you’re careful. This is just polymer clay
so use your tools. Don’t go leveraging against the clay when you’re trying to twist the jump
ring open and closed. So on the second one we’ll pop it through here. I’ve got to open
that wider, and then just kind of hold this out and make sure that we send that jump ring
through in the right direction so that it’s not twisted. And that’s how you connect them
together. So go ahead and repeat. Oh that’s fun! I like the look. Go ahead and repeat.
Connect the other link in the same way and then also connect these to the ends with jump
rings and I’ll show you how to finish it up. So here I’ve gone ahead and connected all
the cuff links together with eye pins, beads and 8mm jump rings and you should have two
jump rings left at this point and one just goes through both of your eye pins over here.
Again just try to hold them in such a way that you don’t twist them and this will be
the link that your lobster clasp will connect into and then finally the last one you just
put through your link. Which way is that going? Okay, and then the other link and then through
the lobster clasp. And there you have it. A fantastic steampunk cuff link bracelet that’s
light, comfortable to wear and a lot of fun to make. So be sure to check out
and also FancyThatArtJewelry on Etsy so you can purchase the links and on
we’ll have more great jewelry making videos for you. Thanks for watching. Bye bye.

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