Sterling Silver and Gold-Filled Curved Tube Beads

Our 1323 curved tube bead is available in
both sterling silver and 14-karat yellow gold-filled. This curved tube bead is 2 mm wide and 30
mm long. Tube beads are a lot of fun. The curved shape makes them really ergonomic in
your jewelry designs. So they sit beautifully on the wrist or the neck with a nice circlet
shape that hugs the body. I’ve kind of arranged these tube beads in a few configurations on
the table top to give you some ideas for designs. These days, tube beads are really popular
as a simple suspension pendant strung on a narrow chain, like a 1018 or 1020 flat cable.
This is a beautiful minimal jewelry design that’s easy to make and a popular seller.
You can string tube beads on one at a time or in groupings or 2, 3, 4 or more – whatever
you like. Tube beads have always been a popular choice for bracelets. As you can see here,
the curved shape perfectly forms a bangle bracelet. However, if you use this in combination
with beads and beading wire, or even strung on chain with a lobster claw clasp, this will
be a nice flexible bracelet that’s comfortable and easy to wear. The 30 mm length is
about 1.2 inches, so 6 tube beads in a design would be a 7 inch bracelet. If you add a clasp
and beads in between as spacers, it would become longer. So over here, I’ve shown
the same configuration with 5 tube beads so you could use some larger focal beads interspersed
between these curved tubes. These tube beads are made from 2 mm tubing, so they have a
1.7 mm inner diameter. That’s a nice width for using on chain, cords, heavier cables or
different types of stringing materials. So this is a really versatile bead to use in
your designs.

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