Steven’s Secret Rap Career | PART 3 [Music Video] (feat. Zach Callison)

Sour Cream, hit the beat
Show ’em how I like to be On the mission with the team
To protect humanity! I rap only as me, no vanity Just wanna show the galaxy’s villains
and haters insanity You follow me? Pearl, you been keepin’ secrets,
Yeah that might bother me But no more need to front on me,
Cuz when Universe raps, it’s astronomy And you were the one to show me the stars, So let’s team up, hit these beats up,
Win rap battles, then go out for pizza, uh! Garnet already told us that she’s stronger than you All of Pearl’s super secret songs
are goin’ strong on TubeTube Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got a job to do!
From the earth to the moon, But in the meantime, who needs multiple Stevens
when I can play songs with the crew? So guys, just be honest with me! Feel this beat and jump on it with me! We’re coming at you from Beach City,
it’d be a pity to hide your creativity, Just be yourself!
That goes for my Gems, and for everybody else! (Crystal Gems, represent! Woo!)


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