Stop Cooking Food That Tastes Like Gas. Try It On A Traeger.

This is an original wood-fired Traeger
grill. That’s a propane gas grill. Hey buddy! What flavor propane are you
cooking with? Gas. Smells like gas. Let’s eat! The problem with propane is
when you cook with gas your food tastes like gas. Are you guys tasting this? It tastes like “gas”. This hot dog tastes like “gas”. Mine tastes like “gas”. Smells like “gas”. You can taste it. Tastes like “gas”. This dude is cooking food
that tastes like “gas”. Perfect. If you want food that doesn’t taste like “gas”, try it
on a Traeger. Perfect wood-fired flavor every time. You can cook almost anything and we have the recipes to prove it. With a Traeger, the grill makes you a master. No flipping, no poking, and no guessing. Does this look done? Stop making food that tastes like “gas”. and let your Traeger do the work so you can hang out with your family and friends not your grill. Try wood-fired
instead. Try it on a Traeger.


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