String Names & Standard Tuning – Free Beginners Guitar Course – Lesson 2 – Richard Vallance

Hello again, my name is Richard Vallance and welcome to the 2nd video in my free beginners guitar course. In this lesson I am going to be teaching you about the different string names of the guitar In addition to the names of your fingers as well. So to start out with we have 6 strings, and they have both a numerical naming system and an alphabetical naming system. So starting with the numbers from the thinnest string to the thickest string we have the 1st string, the 2nd string, the 3rd string, the 4th string, the 5th string and the 6th string. Next for the alphabetical naming system each string is tuned to a different note and when we have all those notes tuned together we have something called standard tuning. So from the thinnest string we have e… Then we have B… We have G… We have D… We have an A… And then we have another E… Now and easy way to remember this is using a little acronym sentance and the way that that goes is: Easter Bunnies Get Drunk At Easter. I know that seems a little bit silly sometimes but it really helped me when I first got started to memorise the different names for each of the strings. Next moving onto our hands, both of our hands are seperated into two different roles when we play guitar. And our picking hand is responsible for the rhythm and our fretting hand is usually responsible for just making shapes. Now the way that this works is that each finger again has a numerical name. So from the index finger we have the 1st finger. the middle finger is the 2nd finger. The ring finger is the 3rd finger and the pinky finger is the 4th finger. So that’s it for this lesson, I hope this has helped you guys get started and thanks for watching!


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