STRING OF PEARLS CARE / Housplant care tips

If I came to your house and I saw this
I’d say okay what can I trade you for That? You’d think “I don’t want to give it
to you” and I wouldn’t blame you. Senecio this is a radians, this is
senecio rowleyanus and this is another radicans. that although they’re
different they’re called the same thing, which I don’t understand. I’m trying to figure that one out but
nevertheless there are succulents and these succulents like it dry. I’ve had
string of pearls a number of times and I’ve made a number of mistakes but now
that I figured it out I think I can hold on to them for a long time. They need
lots of indirect sunlight so if you don’t have that you might have an issue
with these guys. but they really want to
have about, you know, four to six seven eight hours of bright indirect
sunlight. So try to provide them with that. The other thing that they don’t like is
they don’t like wet feet. They don’t like
to be over watered so what I do is I transplant them into terracotta pots or
into concrete pots or any pot that is slightly porous or porous that will
never let the roots stay wet. When it is
extremely dry you want to soak it all the way through and never let it sit in
standing water. The mistake that I made
when I had these in the beginning was that I would put them in front of the
window but on top like over the window. This is a window or this is a square
window I would put them here. So the
vegetation the vines would be getting the sunshine or the bright indirect
sunlight, but never the top so that was the demise of my first few. Then I
realized wait a minute. The top because it starts balding needs
the light, right. And also the light will
help absorb the moisture and go through the vegetation or whatever it
just worked. so I started doing that and
I had more success with that. They also
have a shallow root system so when your repotting it try not to put it in a very
deep pot put it in a much more shallow pot. This way the roots won’t be the
searching for the water. It’ll get the
water when it needs it and it won’t be sitting in water if there’s any water at
the bottom of the pot. That was a big
lesson I learned. I used to water these
in buckets I would fill the bucket up and submerge the terra cotta pot in the
water and have the water wick up from the bottom but that didn’t work. So as soon
as I started putting it in more bright in direct sunlight and exposing the top
to that bright indirect sunlight my problems seemed to be solved. You might
be tempted to leave them in their nursery pots when you get them because
they look really good, but then but over time, staying in that plastic pot will promote
fungus and bacteria and root decay so we don’t want that at all. So definitely put them in a terracotta
pot or a concrete or any pot that is porous. It will really help that plant. They catch my hair all the time so I’m
gonna keep it away from me because it attacks me, It definitely attacks me. Fertilize these guys in the growing
Season. I would fertilize them once a month with
half strength complete fertilizer. I use
fish emulsion sometimes actually most of the time and I just put maybe a little
cap full into about a four gallon, I think it’s a four gallon, watering can
and I water it first. because these guys they have roots that
are very sensitive and can burn easily. So water first thoroughly and then
fertilize it. it works. So let’s sum this
up. They love bright indirect sunlight,
they love to dry out between waterings because they are succulents, they have
shallow root systems so plant them in shallow pots and when you fertilize in
the growing season dilute the fertilizer and water first so you don’t burn the
roots. They love heat in the summer. They
love they really love heat in the summer, and in the winter they like it actually
rather cool. They need a cooling-off
period so you could keep them in temperatures between 55 and 65 and
that will give them that little dormancy period they need to thrive the next year
or the next season. I forgot to mention
that these guys bloom. They have these
small white flowers that smell like cinnamon and this whole room smelled
like cinnamon for days and made me want to eat breakfast
all day long. It made me really hungry. it’s really not that difficult to keep
these guys happy it’s almost easier if you back off and let them do their thing
and understand when they need the water and how much light they need. If you can
do that these guys will grow and you can use them as wigs or whatever you
want to use them as. I’m sure you just want to decorate with
them because really hard to find another plant that looks like this!


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