***STRING The Drum figure*** Tutorial

now all that’s left is with your middle
fingers just to get the string here and there we go
you’ve got it wrong hi
it’s Aniloap PinkyLama and today I’ll be showing you a step-by-step tutorial on
how to make the drum so you will need a string as your being not too thick but
not too thin so pretty much in the middle so put it’s over put the string
over your bracelets like this and then put it over one more time on both sides now don’t forget that there has to be a
cross cuz I just forgot so for the drum there has to be a cross in the middle
okay so we just put it over our hand now with your thumb and pinky get this
string from your hands and stretch it out then a thumb and pinky get the
second screen and just stretch it out now all that’s left is with your middle
fingers just to get this string here and there we go
you better drum now I’m just gonna show you a quick hack if you want to go on
forever and ever with a drum there’s a quick way quick way so let go over your
thumbs let go over your pinkies and now let go over your middle fingers you have
the same starting point with the crust in the middle so you can just do it all
over again it works press in the middle now if you
guys like these string videos I can help it with more tricks don’t forget to
comment down below if you’re really went like one of these videos and also don’t
forget to write um like if you know the name like the name or like describe how
it looks and then I can help you guys see the next video bye you

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