String Theory – Edgar Cayce’s Cosmology

String theory is an exciting new
approach to physics that has been called a theory of everything. String theory
is a highly technical approach to solving the deep mysteries of physics
by combining complex mathematical formulas with a rather simple idea that extremely
small vibrating strings are the basis for the
physical universe. Prior to the emergence of string
theory modern physics had been intently focused on the pursuit of smaller and smaller particles by smashing atoms without any good model for understanding what makes up sub-atomic units. The amazing answer may be tiny vibrating
strings. Interestingly string theory bears some
striking similarities to the Cayce perspective on how the universe works. Of particular note is the emphasis on
unity, vibration, and multi-dimensional reality. One of the strongest themes
throughout all the Cayce readings is that of unity. All force is one force — the LORD thy God is one. In recent decades the Holy Grail of
physics has been the pursuit of a unified field theory that combines
the power and precision of the quantum mechanics of the subatomic realm with the cosmic scale of Einstein’s theories of relativity. Thus the goal is to understand how the
four primary forces of nature: gravity, electromagnetism, the weak
nuclear force, and the strong nuclear force are all
just different manifestations of the same one force. String theory (in its latest version called “superstring
theory”) has been touted as achieving this elusive unification of force. As noted string theory is based on the premise
of extremely small vibrating strings that are the basis for all
manifestations of energy and matter. Theoretically the frequency and resonance at which strings vibrate result in all the variations of matter
that we find all about us ranging from apples and oranges to vast swirling galaxies. It’s all
the same stuff vibrating at different rates — a virtual
music of the spheres. That is exactly the way Edgar Cayce described the nature of physical reality. It’s all the same thing just vibrating
at different rates. At a practical level Cayce explained
health and illness within the human body as a matter of vibratory rates. Each organ
in the body vibrates at its own specific frequency. Too much
or too little energy can result in vibratory imbalances. Various energy medicine therapies (such
as the wet cell battery, radial appliance, and magnetic healing) are intended to work with the vibratory
energies of the body. String theory provides a
conceptual model for understanding how vibration is the basis for
understanding how the body and the universe in its
totality are created and maintained. It is easy to
see why enthusiasts for this approach call it a “theory of everything”. The third remarkable
similarity between Cayce’s cosmology and string theory is the concept of
multi-dimensional reality. To be sure, standard physics recognizes
multiple dimensions (three dimensions in space plus time).
However string theory posits at least 10 or 11 dimensions. The extra six or seven
dimensions are beyond our normal perceptual range
but are essential for the elaborate mathematical formulas that are the foundation of this model. Edgar Cayce used a similar multi-dimensional model to explain the workings of the universe.
Cayce insisted that our local solar system operates in eight dimensions. Just like
string theory the extra dimensions are invisible to
our earthly oriented senses. However the Cayce readings suggest that
each soul has the inherent capacity to operate in the extra dimensions that
correspond to the planets in this system. In between earthly lives souls exist on other planets — what Cayce called planetary sojourns.

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