Supply Chain – Farm To Yarn | Certified Traceable Organic Cotton

[Alison Ward, CEO of CottonConnect]
“Too often brands sit at the end of a supply chain and just expect the cotton to come to them.” True or false? Making clothes can be a dirty business. True. Tony “Big Tony” Alvarez
Volcom, Global VP of Supply Chain & Compliance

“It can be a dirty business, from not only an environmental, but also from a humanitarian standpoint.” True or false? Volcom is putting itself in check, by committing to building a truly responsible, sustainable, transparent supply chain. True!!! [Tony “Big Tony” Alvarez]
“Treating others with respect, with kindness and support is key for us as a brand and it’s definitely key for me as an individual.” Volcom’s supply chain is accredited by the Fair Labor Association. [Tony “Big Tony” Alvarez]
“Being able to have the right people in your corner, and having the right vision and passion with those partnerships, is key in order to be successful.” We’ve joined forces with CottonConnect to provide… organic farming education, business training and women’s empowerment programs in rural India where we source truly traceable organic cotton used in our Farm To Yarn garments. [Alison Ward]
“It’s amazing to see this really powerful partnership that’s changing how people live and we’re seeing great confidence in the community as a result.” [Sandu Keshav Nikam]
“My name is Sandu Keshav Nikam.” “After joining the CottonConnect program, the first thing I learned is… some conventional methods shouldn’t be used anymore.” “New methods should be adopted, so that we can double our production, and especially how we can achieve a clean environment and ecological balance.” [Kasturi Chauhan]
“My name is Kasturi Chauhan.” “I gather all the women, to talk about cleanliness and hygiene, and balanced nutrition, sending children to school well prepared, and saying no to child labor.” Improving the quality of life for the planet and its people. [Tony “Big Tony” Alvarez]
“The overall idea is to be able to trace our cotton from the farm all the way through the process in order to have full traceability of the final product from farm to yarn.” [Kasturi Chauhan]
“Before, my life was stuck, but now my life has become very good.” [Sandu Keshav Nikam]
“Not only do we save money now, but our health is also taken care of.” [Tony “Big Tony” Alvarez]
“Let’s not just talk about making a difference, let’s actually make a difference and change people’s lives.”


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