Tangled Wire Bead Earrings – Video Tutorial

Hello and welcome to another jewelry making
video brought to you by KeepsakeCrafts.net and AllFreeJewelryMaking.com. Today I’m going
to show you how to make these great tangled wire beads. That’s right. Not just making
jewelry from purchased beads, but I’m going to show you how you can make your own beads
and then turn them into these great earrings or any other projects. So to make these earrings you will need, of
course, a couple of ear wires, two head pins, some craft wire. This is what we’ll be using
to make our tangled beads and this is 22 gauge craft wire. It’s a copper wire that’s been
coated so it’s silver in color, but you can buy it in copper color, gold or other colors.
Once you get so that you kind of know what you’re doing and are comfortable with working
with wire, you can certainly buy gold filled or silver coated, silver plated wire, but
for now I like to use the craft wire. It’s a little less expensive and a good thing to
work on. You also need a couple of bead accents for your earrings. Since I’m not sure what
size my earrings, my wire beads are going to come out, I have this strand of different
size beads. I think they’ll be kind of fun and I’ll decide what size and find two in
the same approximate size once I’m done making the wire beads. For tools you’ll need round
nose pliers, two pair of chain nose pliers and also some nice flush cut wire cutters. So when working with the craft wire, I prefer
if I can possibly manage to work right off the spool. That way I don’t waste any wire,
as little as possible. Now the first step in making these beads and this is optional,
but if you want to have some interesting accents, you’ll need to thread on some seed beads for
some color accents. So here you can see I’ve strung 20 little glass seed beads onto my
wire and now I’m beginning, I’m ready to start forming for my wire bead. The first step is
take a pair of round nose pliers, grasp the end of the wire with the tips of the round
nose pliers and then just twist your wrist slow as you can and you want this end of the
wire to touch itself. If it doesn’t, grab it again and twist again until it does. Once
it touches, go ahead and grasp right where the wire touches and then give that a bend.
Once you’ve done that, you may have to grab that loop again and just close it up and then
go ahead and bend your loop back and that’s called breaking the neck and it basically
gives you a nice point differentiation between the loop and the wire. The next step actually determines the size,
the finished size of your bead and so I’m going to take a pair of chain nose pliers
and whatever width of pliers is holding onto this piece of wire I’m gonna make it about
1/4″, that is about half the diameter of your bead or maybe a little less than half. So
take your wire and make a 90 degree bend at that point and now just take your wire and
this is kind of a tricky part, just start making a coil. You just have to free form
it with your fingers and it zings. It kind of zings away from you and just hold onto
it with your fingers and start shaping around that and as you get a little more shaped,
it will be easier to hold onto. Now this is really making the core of your tangled wire
bead and once you’ve got something there to speak of, maybe 5-6 wraps, we can now start
pulling down our seed beads and these just go on the outside of the bead and so you just
take your thumb nail and scoot them down to another wrap and keep that up. Here’ I’ve
gone ahead and done wraps and I used 12 of those 20 beads which is about what I planned
and I’m gonna have the wire end opposite that first loop I made and then go ahead and use
your wire cutters and cut it off about an inch or so from the end of your spool. You
can set your spool aside and then go ahead opposite of where you ended go ahead and grab
that wire with your round nose pliers and make a loop and you can actually make a complete
loop here and I’m actually going to hold onto that loop with my chain nose pliers and just
do a wrap and then I’m gonna tuck that in with my chain nose pliers right back into
the bead. Sorry I moved off camera on ya. The cool thing about these is you don’t really
have to be stressed about making them perfect to begin with because they’re made out of
wire so you just go ahead and shape them – and then they go zinging like little springs.
You can go ahead and shape them. Now I can’t even find that end. If I could find it I’d
trim it off, but since I can’t, I’m not gonna worry about it and just use your chain nose
pliers and position those loops so they’re pretty much opposite each other just like
on any bead that you’ve ever seen before. I’ve gone ahead and made a second tangled
wire bead. I’ve also gone through my strand and decided on these two and actually a couple
of the smaller beads that were on the strand and to make them into dangles, I’m just gonna
slide a head pin through it and then grab right where the head pin comes out of the
bead with the tips of the chain nose pliers, bend that at a 90 degree angle. Go ahead and
grab that bend with round nose pliers, wrap it around as far as it will go. Reposition
my pliers, that’s about as far as you can get, reposition my flat pliers so I can finish that loop and
then go ahead and trim where the wires cross. Take your round nose pliers and finish shaping
that loop, flatten it out nicely, get a nice shape to it. There we go and then all I need
to do is use chain nose pliers to open that loop. Go ahead and pop your tangled wire onto
that loop and then close it up with chain nose pliers. Next open the loop of your ear wire and slip
on the other loop of your tangled wire bead and close it up and then repeat for your other
earring. Aren’t those fun? So here’s another look at our finished earrings.
Isn’t that a fun technique? The great thing about this tangled bead is that you can use
it to make a necklace, like I did with the summer flowers lampwork beads. You can use
it to make any kind of earrings, you can use it to make a bracelet. Just make these beads
in any kind of wire with any color seed beads to fill in for any beads you want. So I hope you’ve enjoyed this project. Thank
you so much for watching KeepsakeCrafts.net videos. Please be sure to check out KeepsakeCrafts.net
for more jewelry making, crafting, sewing and all kinds of crafting ideas and inspirations. Have a good one. Bye bye.


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