Hello and welcome to Todd’s kitchen. There are literally hundreds of pudding recipe out there from bread and butter puddings to chocolate puddings but this one is going to be different So join me today as i make my version of a
tapioca pearl pudding okay so into a pot on a medium to high heat we are going to place in our full cream milk it must be full cream milk and not skim milk. This is a must next we are going to put in our tapioca pearls and
you can find these at most asian supermarkets and then our salt keep this on the heat we are going to continuously stir this until it comes up to a nice boil so the milk mixture has been brought to a boil so what we are going to do now is turn this down to a low heat and let it simmer for 5 minutes just keep giving it the occasional stir while stirring we are going to slowly add in our sugar and stir until it resolves just add a little at a time as you mix it though so give it a chance to dissolve
completely than just add a little bit more now i have two eggs here that i have beaten into a bowl using our hot milk mixture are are going to add a little bit at a time just to equalise the temperature this will prevent the eggs from scrambling while in the pot don’t worry if you get pearls in there they are just going to go right back into the pot so once the temperature are been equalised we are going to poor it all back into the pot now we are going to bring the mixture back to a simmer while constantly stirring just until it thickens up to a nice pudding consistency it should only take a couple of minutes as you can see it has thickened up really nicely So now we are going to take this of the heat and let it cool for 15 minutes and it will continue to thicken up while it cools down now while its cooling down we are going to add in 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract then mix it though make sure you do this after you take it of the heat other wise you will loose allot of that vanilla flavour now i have just served it onto a place. now you can have it warm or cold its completely up to you now for some extra taste im going to sprinkle on some nutmeg and its done and i tell you what, this is going to be fantastic lets give this a try that pudding is so creamy you can taste that vanilla topped of with that nutmeg and those chewy tapioca pearls that taste simply delicious and this pudding is incredibly simple and easy to make as i said you can have it hot or cold personally i prefer it warm because it goes down perfect just like that Thank you for watching this episode of Todd’s kitchen. A list of ingredients are down below as well as links to my Facebook, Twitter and google+ pages Please give this video thumbs up and leave a comment and i’ll see you next time for another delicious recipe


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