Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails and this is the fabulous Nancy, who has flown all the way around the world to get to me via Kenya and Switzerland. I got the country right. Adam: Well done.
Nancy: Yes, well done. Kirsty: And today, what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna play with the 3D Sculpture Gel to create a rose. Nancy’s never done this before. Let’s get cracking! So, we’re gonna be working on tips. I said that really fast, didn’t I? So, we are going to be working on tips. Adam: You do talk very fast. Kirsty: It’s the Stokie in me.
Adam: Ooh! And we’re gonna use this colour which just so happens to be called Double Trouble. It’s called Double Trouble because it changes colour as you tilt it. So, it’s purple and then it’s gold. God int it that So, we’re going to put two coats of this on to get a nice background colour. Adam: That looks so strange because on the brush, it looks purple but I’m like thinking it looks gold. Kirsty: Does it? Nancy: Yeah!
Adam: Sure, it does. Kirsty: Yeah, it’s proper colour shifting.
Adam: Yeah. I’m gonna pop that into the lamp while Nancy paints her nails. We’re gonna do everything side by side. You go a little bit less pressure. It’s nearly March and it’s snowing outside. Like bucket loads. Like just get the camera over there. Look at that! It’s nearly March and that’s because it’s spring. That definitely is not spring outside there. Adam: It looks nice.
Kirsty: It’s very pretty. I just hope I can get home. Right! Second coat. We’re gonna put two coats of this gorgeous and just colour on. Oh! Double Trouble. It’s me and Nancy all over that is Right! We are going to topcoat this now with the Urban Graffiti Gel Polish Topcoat. This has no sticky layer. It’s flexible. It’s suitable to go over the top of gel polish acrylic or hard gel. It’s pretty damn awesome Into the lamp it goes. Nancy is gonna put her topcoat on as well. So, we’re going to use the 3D Sculpture Gel now and we are gonna use these three colours. We’re gonna use Shimmer Black, Neon Grape and Gold. We’re gonna use 3D brushes for this. In a dampen dish, we’re gonna put some of the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. We need that to move the product around, keep our brush nice and clean. So, we’re gonna take some of the black to start with. I’m just gonna pop that onto that form just for safekeeping. So, what we’re gonna do is take some of that, roll it on like that. The brush is dampened with the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution and what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna move this around, so it’s like a croissant shape. So, you’re gonna flatten it out a little bit and sort of pat and press it and sweep into it to make it more of a croissant shape. So, you’re doing yours opposite way to me. You’re doing it that way, I’m doing mine this way. Nancy: And also, I’m supposed to do that way Kisty: It’s already sticking. If it starts to stick to the product then it needs to be cleaned. Once you’ve got that half-moon shape, you’re gonna press into it to create a petal shape. You’re keeping the tip of the brush towards the centre of the petal shape. So, always think about your pressure and how much you’re pressing it and where it’s gonna go as well. So, what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna cure that, yeah. Take a wet brush and start to clean up any other residue, so it leaves a little bit of a residue. That’s it! We have to take another piece to do the second petal. So, we’re gonna do this croissant shape again. You want to overlap the corners, so this corner here, you want it to overlap onto this petal. The good thing about the 3D Sculpture Gel is, it’s not gonna set like acrylic. This will only set when you pop it into the lamp. So, easy to work with. i want you to press a little bit more, yeah. That’s it, yeah. Once you’re happy with that, you can pop it in the lamp. And we’re gonna move on to the next colour which is Neon Grape. So, again we’re just going to take out a small amount and then, I’m gonna take some of that, so a slightly smaller amount is needed than we did before. Nancy: Is it too big? Kirsty: Why don’t you just take off a little bit of it? And then, we’re gonna go in between. Yeah, so in between those two there. So, we’re overlapping again. Make sure you take drain off the excess liquid off your brush, you don’t want to flood the nail with the Gel Residue Wipe-off Solution. That purple looks amazing! So, we take that Neon Grape up top of the black. Adam: Hmm. Makes me want some Grape Soda. Kirsty: Grape Soda.
Adam: I love Grape Soda! Kirsty: very american that is Adam: Yeah, you can’t get Grape Soda over here, not decent stuff anywhere or Welch’s. I make that not so round so it’s more close to more of a point, if that makes sense. Right! So, this part, you want it to sort of go to a point. So, it finishes quite fine, that’ll give it more finesse. And then come around, you sort of work round in a half circle motion. Adam: Is that like a halfmoon shape? Kirsty: No, it’s not. It’s croissant. And I’m gonna give this edge a little bit of movement by pulling it out like this, yeah. So, it’s got a little point to it as well. Kirsty: Because you’ve got like… can you see how there’s quite a bit of product there? I would pull that around a little bit more, use that product. We pull it round a little bit more and it’ll take away the thickness of that product and also give it more of a finer finish to that petal. See the difference? Nancy: Yeah. Kirsty: Yeah. I’m actually looking at it. You could flatten that out a little bit more, so it moves that way a little bit more. Nancy: Like here? Kirsty: Yeah! Yes! Now, we’re talking, girlfriend. Nancy: nice.
Kirsty: Yeah, it’s nice. This girl has never done this before. This must be easy to do. Or Nancy’s just very fancy, very talented. Now, we’re gonna use some of the gold. [singing] So… I’ll take a little bit of the gold out. We’re gonna take some of this and we’re gonna go a little bit smaller again. You see how much there is there. So, that’s not a lot. Nancy: Yeah. Kirsty: Just a little bit here. We’re gonna overlap between those two petals again, creating our little croissant shape. I think it still got too much on there, so I’m gonna take off a little bit of that. And that’s good that you can do that. I mean, you’d find that quite difficult to do with acrylic. So, because it’s quite shimmery, you’ve got to like, kind of keep everything quite clean by cleaning up. Because this one’s quite shimmery you wanna keep… so, we’re taking off any of that. You might want the shimmer on there, but you want to keep them quiet defined and separate, the colours, you want to make sure that you keep the other colours quite clean by going into your… or Gel Residue Wipe-off solution and just giving that a bit of clean around So, when you’re pressing this now, what you’ll need to do is be quite upright. See the angle of the brush is going to be a lot higher Nancy: Yeah.
Kirsty: Because we’re coming towards the centre. And then, when that part is done We’re gonna do the last part of this flower that has no name. I’ve never seen a flower like this before. We’ve created our own flower, so we call it Double Trouble. Nancy: Yeah. Kirsty: You wanna come round and create a little swirl in the middle That just gives you the finishing touch really. Nancy: Wow! Kirsty: Yeah! So, I’m gonna cure that. So, again, you’ll be quite upright with the angle of the brush. So, whenever you’re doing any 3D flower, the angle of your brush is really important. You’ll start off like this and then you’ll build up and this will be your angle when you do the centre of the flower. What I’m gonna do now is add some leaves. You’re gonna lift it a little bit to create like a movement. Gonna cure that and I’m gonna do one in each colour, yeah? Nancy: Okay! Kirsty: So, I’ve done that one there, look. And I’m gonna do a gold on here. Nancy: On top of it?
Kirsty: Yes. So, they are sort of tiered. Nancy: like, on to of the leaf.
Kirsty: Hmm! Yeah, so they just sort of flow from the flower. We’re gonna use the Mega Gloss to put some little balls on and I’ll put some bling on. Kirsty: Make it a really fancy one.
Nancy: Yeah! Kirsty: Just for you, Nancy. It’s gonna be fancy just for Nancy. So you don’t want to wipe it thin, you want to keep it because that’s like a pool, yeah? Nancy: Yeah! Kirsty: And you’re gonna come around here. So put a bling and then, this brush that you’ve just been putting this on with will be sticky, yeah? Nancy: Yeah. Kirsty: So, you can pick up those little micro beads and put them into that gel. And once they’re in there, you can start to arrange them and move them around, you know, get them all neat. So, once you’re happy with where they’re positioned, you can pop that into the lamp. Kirsty: Right! So, we’re gonna put the topcoat now. Just gonna run it sort of around the edges and it will help seal everything in a little bit more. So, you’re not gonna go over the top… Nancy: Okay!
Kirsty: You’re just gonna go round the edges, yeah? Nancy: Not on the top? Kirsty: Not on the top. Because you want it to be a contrast between the matte flower and leaves and the shiny background. That contrast looks really nice. Kirsty: Plus it… Nancy: here Kirsty: Yeah. you can sort of drag it around, so it just sort of touches those little microbeads. Nancy: They should touch the beads? Kirsty: Yeah, just a little bit, not over the top. Nancy: Okay! Kirsty: Just to the edges. That’s it, like that. Perfect! Nancy: I like that.
Kirsty: Yeah? Perfect. Kirsty: Look, this one is mine and this one is Nancy’s and I think they both look fabulous. Adam: She’s done a very good job. Kirsty: She’s done a very good job. You know, this woman doesn’t do nails, she does now. Nancy: Yeah and it’s my first time. Kirsty: Yeah?
Nancy: Yeah. Kirsty: You’ve done so well, you should be super proud. Nancy I’m super proud. Of course. Kirsty: Good! You should be. So, there you are guys. I hope you enjoyed coming along this little session with us because now Nancy can create 3D flowers out of the 3D Sculpture Gel and she can add a bit of bling and everything. I think she’s doing a fabulous job. I want you to comment below and let me know how you think that we got on today. So, I’ll see you in the next video guys. Bye! Nancy: Bye! Kirsty: Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin and this is Fancy Nancy and it’s The Fancy Nancy show! Sorry, I’ll behave now. Nancy: This is yours? Kirsty: That is yours. Oh my God! That’s amazing. She thought hers was mine. Kirsty: Damn the girl doing good. Nancy: I Kirsty: Laughing


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