Termite Control : Signs That a Home Has Termites

My name is Tyler Royce I’m with TNT pest control
we are talking about how to detect signs that you have termites in your home. Best thing
to look for would be on your drywall, you look for bubbling or any paint flicking off
the walls, after the paint has flaked off if you can tear behind that you’ll actually
see a salt and pepper, and the paper will be missing in between the paint and the sheet
rock. The other sign is on your baseboards, you want to look for any honeycombing or you
can put your finger and you’d actually indent or the baseboard will be very weak. Another
sign is shelter tubes, they will actually build shelter tubes up your foundation or
in the garage, around the footings of the foundation, they will actually build shelter
tubes up and it will go into your wood and eat your home. Another sign to find out if
you have termites is most people do discover they have termites when they are doing a remodel
or tearing down their walls. Most termites have been working in the walls for a minimum
of two years before any termite damage is discovered. There is you know a few signs
to look for. But a lot of times they have already done quite a bit of damage when they
are discovered in remodel or reconstruction.


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