The Future Looks Like Pearl Zhang

Hello my name is Pearl. I am from sunny
Los Angeles, California. I am planning to study something either in chemistry, math
or computer science. I was born six months early so I was a really premature
baby so the doctors diagnosed me with
heterotropia, myopia and esotropia which are fancy terms for extreme
nearsightedness. it’s like cross-eyed vision I had to
fight really hard to be allowed opportunities like some administrators at
like my elementary school didn’t feel I like I was capable enough to get.
Navigating with my visual disability throughout my 18 years of life it has
proven to be a challenge but at the same time
a blessing for me because I feel that without my disability I wouldn’t be the
person who I am today. Also, growing up as a low-income… in a low-income family
situation it really taught me the value of hard work and the importance of
having a dream and not giving up on that dream despite other people having
doubts just to keep on going through and doing my best to achieve that dream. When
I was really young I knew I wanted to go to college so college become a large
part of that dream and like I was determined to achieve that goal. I really
feel that I can use my education and one day hopefully make a difference

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