Hi, my name is Colin Meloy and I’m the author of
The Golden Thread: A Song for Pete Seeger. Pete Seeger has been a pretty
important figure in my life and my family’s life for a long time. There was always Pete Seeger records on,
so he became kind of a mythical figure to
me as a kid, and I think to my family. The book was really written
as a kind of a song, even though it’s a song without a melody,
because I felt like that was fitting to illustrate the life of Pete Seeger,
who is a musician. And also was a clean way, I think, for me to get into writing a biography in
verse, treating it as if it were a song. When I first saw the artwork I was
blown away and seeing Nikki’s work, it not only fit the tone of the story and
also Pete’s life… The fact that it felt so
hand-done was really emblematic, I think, of what his life has been. Everything he does feels very hand-hewn,
so Nikki’s work is really that way. I mean,
she cuts everything out of paper by hand. And then that gorgeous golden thread
that runs through the whole thing. I mean, the fact that she
works in black and white, but then there’s this splash
of color on every page. It seemed an ideal
format to illustrate and introduce the life of Pete Seeger to a new
generation of readers and listeners. My favorite Pete Seeger song of all time,
I think, is The Golden Thread. I heard it on a record of his and I was really just blown away by
the simplicity and power of what it meant. This idea, this sort of dream,
almost, that he has of a golden thread sort of binding all of us together,
sort of collective humanity. It’s just a really powerful idea. [MUSIC]

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