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Hey everybody it’s Mark Hamill here at
Rolling Stone’s Fan Theory Exploder. Let’s get started. It’s all sound’s fault! Actually, that’s exactly right. This is something that always interests me because we can communicate telepathically and I tell her in one of the movies, I guess, in the third one you
have that power too so I always wondered and I don’t read the fanfiction why she
didn’t more fully develop her force sensibilities and I think that’s
something that George Lucas addressed in his original outline for seven, eight and nine. I was talking to him last week but oh they are not following at George’s
ideas so we’ll have to wait and see on that one. But it seems like a waste of an
innate talent that she should utilize in some way. One of the most iconic moments in
cinema. This is a wonderful idea I know everyone in the LGBT community is
really hoping that Poe and Finn are more than just friends. Fingers crossed,
it could happen. I love the fact that the evil BB-8 has “benign” embedded in his name. The design of BB-8
is so whimsical and you know it looks like a soccer ball and he’s got the
rotating little dome on top he’s adorable
and then you just make it in that sinister dark color with the flat edges
on his dome and immediately, “Nazi!” I think this is a great idea as far as I’m
concerned the more droids the better. Eventually,
they should do a Star Wars with no humans at all. Haha! Yeah, Supreme Leader Snoke.
Everybody’s wondering about his origins and we’ll find out why. I just want to
give a nod to the Ewoks because, uh, they got some criticism. They’re a little
too cute. I said to George, I said “if you made them more feral sort of rat-like and
a little bit scary, maybe red eyes and then you come to love them at first
there would be kind of creepy and then you like them, but you know, the teddy bear market was too strong. The porgs are a new creature that are based
loosely on the indigenous birds from Skellig Michael. They’re called puffins. I
adored them and I never thought in terms of eating one, although they’re on the
menu in Iceland. You can get them as you say here sautéed, probably
roasted, deep fried, and I was sort of appalled by the idea and then I was very
wrong. Specifically about Chewbacca. You know, no single character in the entire Star Wars saga
had saved more lives than R2-D2, but no I think Luke would deserve that kind of
treatment because Artoo has never gotten the recognition he deserves. It’s just something, I don’t know what it is. I
hate that to be one of the hallmarks of the series but it’s almost like a
tradition now. It’s just not a Star Wars film until someone loses a limb.
Someone’s got to lose something and they will when you see The Last Jedi.


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