The Most EXPENSIVE BURGER I ever made! Is it GOOD?

Welcome back to Guga Foods guys today
we’re gonna do something very unique. Yes, it is expensive, I want to know what it
tastes like. It is the $100 burger check it out! I started off with our burger patty. This is not standard ground beef that you can
buy in your regular supermarket, this is a Wagyu blend and what it is is they
grab the Wagyu fat and blend it with meat. Now I know you can be thinking that
any burger can be wagyu meat because it’s just being mixed in with fat, but let
me tell you it is not. Wagyu fat is quite different from any other fat. If
you ever touch Wagyu you know exactly what I’m talking about just by handling
the meat itself in your hand it starts melting in your fingers so what I did is
grabbed this wagyu blend and made my burger patty. And this is my second
ingredient; I have to be honest with you I’ve never used it, or heard of it, or
tasted it before it’s called foie gras also known as duck liver. And this one comes
completely ready for use. I was super excited to give it a try so
I quickly open the bag and this is what it looks like. Now for the foie gras I’m basically going to be pan frying it. After consulting with quite a few chefs this is what they
recommended me to do. Then I went straight to my burgers I lightly
seasoned them with salt pepper and garlic powder now that I have my
beautiful burgers ready my foie gras is ready, I’m also gonna be pan frying a
duck egg and topping it off with a homemade brioche bun that recipe coming
real soon. But I think it’s enough talking and it’s time to cook it and see
how it tastes. So let’s do it! So angel what do you think of these
burgers? What is that? I know it looks different I know you know used to it. Do
you like eggs? Is that mushroom? Do you like eggs? Yeah I like eggs. Yes give me five
you love eggs, I love eggs too. I know the well-done police are gonna say that
my burgers are well done but some of my family members do not like it medium
rare and they all want to try it because this is the 100 dollar burger Angel. Oh
$100 so we got $200 on the table are you ready to try it? That egg must be really
expensive. Enough talking let’s go for it grab one Angel. Oh man what is that, is that
mushroom? I’m not gonna tell you yet it’s like a very expensive mushroom I don’t
really like mushrooms so. It’s not mushroom then it’s something else.
What is it? Go for it Cheers! ok Tell me how you like to go. Bon voyage. Oooohhhh. What do you think Angel? Well it’s good But what is it? It’s called foie gras. You
know what it is foie gras? It’s something very fancy just enjoy it. How do you like
it? iI’s very good. The taste is incredible everybody.
What does foie gras mean? Don’t worry you’re gonna find out later. What do you
mean? Are you getting nervous already? A little bit since you don’t want to tell me. I got it be
honest you. Is it meat? It’s a little bit messy. Now that I bit it, it looks kinda like a meat.
It’s not meat. No? No it’s not meat. I have no idea what that is. I don’t know
how to describe the flavor everybody it is incredible hold on we gotta have some
more opinions. Kayla come over here. Allright Kayla
go for it, let me know what you think and what is it and what does it taste like. You want me to try it from yours? No grab one for yourself. You ready for this Kayla? it’s messy Isn’t it delicious? This is really good what is it? I know is foie gras. What is that? Foie gras, foie gras, how can you not know what foie gras is? Isn”t it good? Guga you said its expensive stuff bro, we don’t do expensive stuff. what language is that? Foie gras I believe it’s French. I really like it and I like the
egg too and I’m not a fan of it. Foie gras is duck liver. Oh. That’s what it is it’s duck liver.
It doesn’t taste like a regular liver, it tastes like foie gras that’s why it’s hard to explain the taste. How do you explain the
taste Kayla? Let me try the liver by itself. OK. It is weird looking. Yeah I know. It is weird looking. It tastes, I don’t know I’m not I’m not good at explaining
things but it tastes kinda like a chicken heart. Like a chicken heart? But softer. It has like a weird type of taste but it’s good. It’s a weird type of taste but it’s
good, that’s a perfect description yeah. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s just something like it doesn’t taste like
anything you’ve ever like really had. You never tried it before I agree with
you. How would you describe it Angel? It’s a good burger and it tastes different
and I like it and I’m very picky. The bread is awesome.
The bread the brioche bread is good huh. So let me tell you guys why this is a
hundred dollar burger. It’s the wagyu.This is wagyu meat for
sure the meat was too good. You know it’s a little overcooked, for me at least.
What grade is it? Is there a difference? So burger you don’t have a grade on burger it’s called a wagyu blend. So they grab pieces of wagyu
and then they blend it together to make a Wagyu burger, It’s not like a
steak like you have you know Australian seven like we tried before. You have not
seen that video make sure you check it out. Or Japanese Wagyu a5 so what they do
is they save all the fat from the Wagyu and then they made a wagyu blend and
that’s what it is. It’s really good. It fell out, it fell out bro. If you didn’t like
it say the truth. You like it or you didn’t like it Angel? No I like the bro. Angel we all
me and Kayla we finish. Eat the liver. No I’m not gonna eat it by itself. Angel say the truth! You like it or you didn’t like it. Stop playing me now! Give him the duck
liver. Eat it. Angel! Put it here Eat it by itself. You don’t have to
like something if you don’t like it. Put it there bro! You are so dramatic. Angel do you
like her or not. Me and Kayla we are done. I don’t think he likes it very much but
he’s afraid to say it. You should have had the liver by itself. Hold on this one
is for somebody else in the family but you want to try the liver by itself? No. I Don’t think he like it too much Keyla. Do you like it or not? Tell the truth! I have an opinion. You don’t really like it. I think you like the the meat but like the liver
you don’t like it cuz you’re not like it you don’t like eating the exotic typeish
food like different kinds of food I don’t know if you call it exotic. We
want to know the truth Angel if you like it if you don’t like it it’s okay. The
combination tastes very good I like the whole burger. But I don’t know if I would
like it by itself the liver. Well that’s fair enough it didn’t look like you
liked it too much I liked it I did but I just I wouldn’t need it by itself. I
think as soon as I said liver you go like uggggg I don’t know about that. If it tastes good but as soon as you tell him is something completely weird.. As soon as you eat chicken heart what happened? uggg I don’t know if its good. You don’t like chicken heart? I don’t like chicken heart. Have you tried it? Yeah It’s a mental thing guys, if it’s something exotic he won’t eat it that’s why I wanted
to say the foie gras at the end. Do you approve the duck liver Angel? By itself I
don’t really know but this burger tasted really good like it is good it’s like
when I go to like Benihana yeah they make the fried rice mm-hmm I usually
don’t like fried rice but I like their fried rice. Well you like the combination when
it’s all together. Like the way they make is really good. So this tastes really
good like this but I don’t know how like that specifically by itself. For the
combination is good but if you want to eat it by itself some nice beautiful
duck liver it’s not for you. I don’t think so. Guys I hope you enjoyed this video
if you do enjoy make sure you give it a thumbs up if you’re not a subscriber be
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for watching and we’ll see you guys on the next one take care bye, bye. We out.


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