good afternoon my name is le accent ER
Herod ski I am the president of the European Academy of folk medicine which
is located in Poland we are engaged in treatment of absolutely incurable
diseases we use more than 30 folk medicine techniques including protection
methods against negative energy attacks I’d like to tell you about red wool
threads tied around the left wrist for many people it is associated with
various rights which someone performs somewhere you are right there is such
kabbalah it’s that that involves a lot of people they also recommend wearing
such red thread bracelets in the wrist Madonna is the first pop star who
started wearing a red string bracelet now all russian pop music stars wear
such red string bracelets I will explain the way of proceeding you will
understand it I think you haven’t heard his explanation yet that is why many
people don’t believe in the protective effect of this red thread some people
think it s quackery some che managed tricks do you understand me I will try
to explain as you it’s only my own conclusion I am a hunter and I know many
things about wolf hunting have you ever gone hunting
I have never hunted wolves have you ever heard about wolf hunting with red flags
yes certainly a wolf can’t jump over a rope fence with red flags it can’t crawl
under it or run through it red flags or red ribbons are hung every 40 to 60
centimetres on the road a huge hunting territory I think one kilometer where
wolves can be as opposed is encircled with these ropes with red flags it’s
very easy to hunt wolves on this territory
I think these ropes with red flags are hung for several days it wolf can’t
cross this road fence with red flags night and day why can a wolf
cross it now you will try to answer if you can how high do they hang high it
doesn’t play a big role at the level of a dog or a wolf I don’t understand the
reason I have something interesting to say to you wolves and dogs don’t
distinguish colors is the only in black and white exactly and to division but we
have 3d vision they don’t have color vision they don’t distinguish red from
green or yellow but they will never cross the road fence with red flags they
will be killed but they will never cross it and what about blue flags can other
colors be used only red that’s very odd what does it mean if they don’t
distinguish colors it’s magic color magic and then wolf kills animals
every day it sees right blood every day but it
doesn’t die of hunger it sees red blood but it isn’t afraid of
it it eats animals but at the same time again it’s all over the road fence with
red flags some people say that walls are afraid of the specific smell of the
flags the smell fully disappears during one or two days there is no special
liquid applied to these red flags they’re said to swing in the wind but
sometimes the weather is one less it makes no matter it works night and day
even the colour itself makes no matter it doesn’t matter a circle or not the
encircled territory may have the shape of a triangle or a semicircle have they
really tried to use other colors hasn’t it helped to them only red first the
wolf is not afraid of red color itself it is a carnivorous animal it kills
animals the blood is absolutely red it has the same color as small flags on the
road nobody can distinguish colors at night
but a wolf will never cross the line even at night why is this an explanation
yes it is as invite Satsuki’s song it is wolf hunting in full swing it is wolf
hunting today the whole pack of wolves is doomed to die
dogs are vomiting from barking till the red line what’s next I think there was
an answer in the song No there also was no answer then I don’t
know but there was something about red flags dogs are vomiting from barky it’s
a mystery to me – maybe they need these red flags wolves
and foxes nothing else only wolves and foxes but sometimes foxes can cross the
road fence with red flags sometimes they can cross this barrier this way of
hunting with red flags is used to hunt foxes
they are so programmed we live in the matrix certainly imagine that you are
being killed and red flags are hanging in front of you like a wall it wolf is
wound or creature it has so much of the moon and I think it’s mythical enough
there are many myths about werewolves I think people made up these legends
themselves I can’t confirm it I can give only my own simple explanation it wolf
is an incarnation of evil these red ribbons red flags are very big
energy barrier which a wolf can’t cross feeling red only is the color in fact
these are frequencies it is energy for example I have taught my son with his
eyes closed to determine the color of various objects only
the help of his hands and he can do it I also can determine the color but I don’t
train I have taught him to feel vibrations each color has its own
vibration I know that blind people can even read there are such technologies
that help people to learn how to read this is the Braille alphabet no it isn’t
an ordinary book there are books with dots and Braille and there are ordinary
books that can be simply read by touch we can feel vibrations of colors the
vibration of the red color has such an impact on a wolf and it box that they
can cross the barrier with red flags it’s like in wall it’s magical in fairy
tales yes it’s really magic it’s magic and so
regardless of the fact whether it is a sector these are scenes the nature
itself uses a red color as a sign of protection I think this is genetic
memory of forest fires it may be so it means that these red
flags are like a wall of fire for the wolf we as human beings can’t understand
it we can’t understand how it works it works in such a way that we can’t
realize it and we will never be able to realize it because we are not walls and
we don’t know what they feel it wolf doesn’t tell us what it feels you know
what I am saying but a wolf feels it in so much that this feeling is stronger
than death stronger than the fear of death why should we wear red string
bracelets rather than red clothes for example red clothes have the same effect
it is generally believed that the red colour is aggressive yes it has strong
energy it may be aggressive for someone doubt there is good and evil these are
two powers if a person wears red clothes some other people who are the
carnation of evil will be aggressive to the right color they will have the same
feeling like a wolf is while standing in front of the barrier with red flags
last summer I decided my red trousers the first time in my life
Kate was against them and didn’t buy them for me during two months it means
that I’m good I am not evil I think this experiment will be difficult I’ve just
experienced in myself so it’s magic supernatural actions but it works I’m
very surprised to hear that a wolf is an incarnation of evil
maybe it’s an ordinary animal but if we compare a wolf and a hare and makes
sense certainly it’s a carnivorous animal but it’s not the only carnivore
in the world so tigers are also the incarnation of
evil I can say that it is one of the cleverest carnivores it’s a very clever
animal I happen to use these red thread bracelets until I logically realized
this explanation of wolf hunting with red flags I will explain you I lesion
where red thread bracelets on the left wrist your left hand is a magnet it
attracts energy in truth the left hand receives energy in the right hand sends
it on no matter if you’re right or left-handed there are some mechanisms of
energy protection it work in such a way here so everything that I’ve just told
him about this red thread was a form of protection for you


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