The Rolling Stones coming to Jacksonville

I’m only gonna say this once because I know I only have to say it once the Rolling Stones are coming to town it was officially announced that the legendary band is bringing their nofilter tour to Jacksonville among a dozen other cities [Music] oh yeah we’re singing it right now are we that video is now being shared all over social media to promote the tour these stones will perform at EIA a bank field next April news for Jax reporter Scott Johnson is joining us live from a local you’ll pardon the expression record store in San Marco where he’s jamming out to the music of what some consider the most famous still touring band in the world with the possible exception of Leonard Skinner so excited Scott sorry guys I was a little distracted we are of course listening to the stones here of course on vinyl is there any other way to do it well the news that they were coming here was announced this afternoon but it was officially spoiled yesterday by the Jaguars the signs or should I say lips appeared during the Jags Steelers game showing the crowd who couldn’t get no satisfaction from the team that perhaps you can always get what you want [Music] [Applause] the band had been leaking out hints like this across the country they also showed this brief video implying an American tour was imminent so I geared up and headed out to maybe talk to some honky tonk women or midniteramblers hey guess which band is coming to Jacksonville Rolling Stone how did you know kind of guessed by the shirt I kind of want to go to the concert but not many of my friends would so I have to go with people that are a little older than me would anyone in your generation care about the stones coming to Jacksonville yeah William brewer cones yesterday and today Records in San Marcos how would he say stones albums – I think that Ashlee today’s stones probably sell better than Beatles did you hear that bigger than the Beatles on their way to Jacksonville I know that Rolling Stones tickets are expensive and it’s because they’re highly sought-after I had a friend that went to there last time they were in Florida which was years ago and it was he said it was chaos and by mid afternoon it was Rolling Stone magazine – first publish the official itinerary which has huge local implications but hey remember it’s only rock and roll and the date for the Jacksonville tourist stop once again TIAA Bank field that is April 24th tickets will go fast bruit says and he they go on sale November 30th starting at 10 a.m. so get ready we’re live in San Marcos Scott Johnson channel 4 the local station


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