The Rolling Stones – Keith Richards Interview, Miss You, Satisfaction

You’re listening to pop star conversations taking you inside with your favorite music artists This sweet Chuck and I are sitting here with one of the most famous guitarists in the world Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones Welcome to the show Keith. Thanks for coming on the show Why did it take so long for you to record this album a bigger bang? It was it’s just amazing how long these? Also from our point of view. Oh it was Every tour is to do with a record, you know, but you don’t realize that. Oh, that’s nearly eight yes gone by you know, it’s amazing, but it’s true and Yeah, it is about time because the last tour and I think it was it was great to do it but it was basically retro, you know, I mean, I thought that was what the record was about, you know in forty licks and so you pay your dues and And it was great fun of it, but we did miss having some new stuff to play, you know and this time there’s a sort of certain Anticipation in the air because we have it’s like hey, you got a more ammo Fresh magazine, you know When did you all decide to get together on this project? Nick gave me a call last year and and I was kind of expecting it around that time because it’s usually about 18 months after the end of a tour and You start to think about it, you know and and obviously there’s you know If we were going to go out on the road again, then needed a new record or vitamins We just wanted to make a new record actually, you know, I mean the tour I mean that they cut the record and tours become Inextricably sort of entwined together. You know, they get it So one point you think you’re just making a record and then you realize no you’re actually studying up also a lot or in conjunction with it, and so These things, you know, even though I’ve been doing it for these years It only still slowly dawns on you that oh, yes, right. Okay. Yeah, that’s the whole deal. Okay Why did the stones put out for live albums in ten years? Live albums are more Interesting, I mean and you get a better sound today and some live albums in musicians playing live is after all what it’s about But at the same time no, you can’t. Do you know too many of them? it’s Recording live is It’s one of those things if you record everything, sometimes you find a really good Versions, you know and you say oh that’s the reason you record live and then it’s worth doing but it’s not Usually something we aim at doing, you know, we just record everything anyway and we record every show I Really have to say though the Rolling Stones their live shows. You guys are like a fine one. You just get better with age I think so. Yeah, I mean in a way maybe that’s what I think between the band They still say well, you know, I could still do though. I could do that better You know, I mean, we’re still the role it shows a strange guys I mean in a way they’re looking for the Rolling Stones as well You know, whoever they are, you know, and we’re trying to define them. They’re they’re not definable really even to ourselves You know, they keep changing on us but in a way, I guess it’s kind of just like when something takes off you just hang on to the coattail and See where it goes, you know, it’s an adventure, but honestly only the Great’s get better. I’ve never really thought about that I mean, I don’t think Duke Ellington or Count Basie did but I mean if you’re talking about rock-and-roll bands Yeah, most of them burn out early. Yeah. Yeah, but then they don’t have the conditioning that we do They miss they missed a certain part of their training Somewhere and that’s why they get worse than me this album title a bigger bang. Are you referring to the creation of the universe? There’s a hint of that and I suppose I didn’t check the title that to me the title came They said that’s what they wanted to call the tour and I thought well given you know the fact that the size of these tours and The things we do that seemed appropriate and then they said yeah We were going to call the album a bigger bang – and I was little bit but then I realized of course that As I say these tours and these records get tied in Together and there was really no there was be really swimming upstream to it a hug You’ll about its size left it alone Although I don’t think it’s the best title for an album But then if it’s in conjunction with the tour, I think it kind of makes sense And really the title of the album is what’s inside that counts to me You know is the music good denying. Have you been delving into the Big Bang Theory? Yeah, yeah I have done some on that and I tell you what, I’ll publish my results as soon as I’ve made up my mind. Yeah Don’t we all? You know, but whether it was a big bang or whether god just flung us here, who knows I don’t really care You know, I hate to me. I leave that to other people that study the universe all the time. I study people This record has 16 tracks on it. You haven’t had that many tracks on a record since Exile on Main Street And that was in 72 it is I believe yeah that was pointed out the other day when our there’s no particular reason for that except that These are the the songs that we’d done up to now that were ready to go we cut a lot more but these ones were lit ready to go and we was able which ones do you want to leave off and then there’s technology to take into account which you can actually do that and You can put 16 tracks on a CD whereas you couldn’t on an on an old album. Yeah, here’s the quality of Selma go but In the long run we just decided to say well this is what we’ve done Let’s put it all out and look and see what see what flights and in this particular album It covers all of the sounds and styles that you know the Rolling Stones are known for I only realize that Just a week or so Nick and I were talking when we were starting to listen to the whole thing. And so In a strange way, although we didn’t plan it at all This covers it pretty much All of the area it was although at the time we didn’t plan it that way I mean he lives a well now we need a fast one or slow whenever you need a rocker or we need we just cut the songs that we had, you know, okay, this goes like this and we were enjoying recording and and found out that we’d actually covered the bases through the arts without even Planning it. I like things when you don’t have to plan them because when you make plans they never work, you know, no It’s quite amazing that the Rolling Stones are in their fifth decade. That is one heck of an accomplishment I mean, I’m quite grateful I mean, I’m still here, you know, and I’m doing what I want to do. I Don’t I don’t find anything scary about it, too. I find it all kind of adventurous really You know, especially at the beginning of these things I mean there’s a buzz in the air and and after all that’s what I do. Yeah, it’s You know, I have no intention of retiring and and and all this is you know when you when you’re working with the right people and I’ve always tried to make sure that Is always a fascinating thing. You never know in a snake making a record You don’t know quite how it’s going to turn out and it’s the same with the tour So now, you know, we’ve got the putting the stage together and looking at it and we’re putting the songs together now We’ve got to put the songs together with the stage and it’s it’s all a very fascinating process you know and after all there’s hundreds of things to learn the lighting and You have to get involved in so many things that you’ve kind of forget about every time you think you just want to go up and play music and then when you get here and you are You have to worry about the surface of the stage. You know, what would it be? Like if it’s wet and you get into all of these sort of details, and it’s just it’s interested Yeah, it’s better than doing nothing, you know, and how is your relationship with Mick after all these years? Like old friends survive. We’re all gonna say fight me. We’ve never come to blows. I know that the But I’m much less lately I think we found that cooperation yeah, I know so yeh friends, I mean I’ve known that man since he’s four years old, you know, I mean it’s not surprising that we have ups and downs the occasionally and When it comes down to it, everybody knows that if you want to work together then you want to cut that down to a minimum and it’s it’s really not a It’s not a point Mick and I never think of fighting it just happens occasionally, you know There’s this sort of something that crops up need to go. You’re wrong. You know, what do you mean? I’m wrong, and it’s just one of those That’s you dev with a brother or something like that You know you say oh go to your room or something like that And it’s but because we’re as I guess people want to know about this area everything every time we do have an argument everybody talks about it, but Otherwise you never hear about it, but they always resolve Mick was also knighted by the Queen No, I thought it’s pretty funny coming from street fighting man And never getting the fact that we both spent time in Her Majesty’s Accommodations, you know that and it never occurred to me. I make the despised that kind of thing so it kind of threw me a little and Apart from that. I mean, I just thought it was a kind of minor Award I thought the Sugarman I thought there’s a good of a peerage right on this man I should have made him a lord as I stick out for the peerage mate, you know Keith I have to ask you why haven’t you put out a solo album since 1992 Yeah, you find the time, you know, I would and if I could find the guys I’ve actually I suppose seen the whiners lately But you understand I’ve got to say to a bunch of guys. We’ve all got different jobs you want to get together in 18 months and And try and put it together is finding the spaces both basically logistics everybody would love to do it And so would I is finding the time in the space, you know, really? I mean, I’d probably will do it Yeah, you know I noticed that the Rolling Stones play in small theaters and they place stadiums and amplifiers Why do they switch between the sizes? Yeah. Yeah, I’d like to keep it mixed up the same as last time and maybe even a little more hopefully no Is it certainly helps? Our and are the things to play different. So if you get into the same really the same big thing all the time That can be a you found that that can get more Of a grind than if you know that one day you’re playing an arena theater Stadium or whatever, it’s it. Mixes it up. It makes it far more interesting for the band You can do things on a small gig try things out and say well you can take that up to the big show So you can kind of use each show as a trial ground for Everything you know, this is an interesting question. What is the process of the Rolling Stones picking their? opening acts Don’t search we just kind of listen around and somebody will say, you know, have you heard these guys? These are interesting or that you know, these guys a good live few Chinese trying to check, you know, you know But you say you might hear a record say what about these guys over they can’t play like, you know They’re not very good on stage, but there’s other bands that you know So you look for you know guys that can play live, you know, I mean bands that like to play live You don’t want to he was suddenly just because they made one good record or something. Yeah throughout the years Can you give us some insight? What is the recording process for the band? When we started recording, yeah, it was in that very rapid Technology leap so that we’re going on from know we started our first record was cut on to track within a year we were working for track and this already makes a difference and then within a Year of that it was a track within six months of its 16 and then to 24 within within a very short space of time and so in a way all of that was experiments because every time you add more tracks to the potential of recording you’re in an unknown area, you know your experiments in other words, you know, do you need that many tracks and So you’re you are always playing around with this new technology You still are you know, I mean it’s it is goes on and on we don’t use a studio anymore for instance we use a room maybe twice as big as this and have the machinery with the producer and the engineer in sight in the room So everybody’s hearing the same thing instead of having to go to a control room where they might be hearings Totally different to what the musicians are hearing in the studio So you’ve got rid of that barrier which helps a lot, you know, at least for a band like us Keith I’m curious when you and Ronnie are on stage and you’re playing live. How do you determine who plays which guitar part? We don’t really it’s we just feel it. It’s kind of intuition As I recall it the ancient form of weaving and We and it’s not necessarily the same every time we play a song it’s There might be a nod and a wink You know, we’re swap over. But otherwise, it just tends to follow itself. It’s when you play – where does somebody this long? You can do that. It’s almost you know ensure it’s intuitive. It’s it’s clairvoyant effects Sometimes a look if necessary, but not often Even it’s it’s just by ear, you know If I hear him going somewhere of all back down under him and if he’s if he is me starting to take off He’ll swap under me. So we just keep you know It’s symbiotic Keith once again, it’s been an absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for coming on the show. Not pleasure Keith Thanks for being on the show. It was a great honor. 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