The Secret of how to burn sawdust with a sawdust stove

I am Chris and today were are going to make
a mini sawdust stove let’s do this real quick a few things you want get the size of your can is going to vary the length of the burn
time it might even vary the intensity of the heat it is something to experiment with and play around with. you want a drill bit a couple drill bits you want a get a couple dowels this is just from an old shovle that broke what i am going to do with these dowles is stick one in the middle and then i am going to have another
one in the side here to create like a hole and a chimney effect so you want to get a drill bit the size of
your dowel or at least a step up bit i think thats what this is called i am not sure either
way this makes a bigger hole or you can do it the cheap way and you know abuse your bits a little bit but we will go over that so the first thing we are going to do is drill
a hole in the side here and thats really the only thing we have to do i have experimented
with putting holes at the top here its something you can play around with and have fun with now go ahead and take your dowel and try to figure out where the center of your hole should be it just has to be a rough idea be careful doing this wear the proper eye protection
and safety gloves if you need this stuff can get sharp once you have the initial hole drilled you want to enlarge the hole for the size of the dowel that you are using now the dowel doesn’t quite fit in here so this is where i am going to abuse my bit a little bit i dont recomend doing this but
you have to work with what you have now once you have that enlarged by what ever means necessary and your dowel fits in there pretty good move on to the next step and now you want to grab some sawdust now what I usually do is put the dowel in the
middle first and then insetet the one on the side get it you know as close as center as
you can and then i start pouring sawdust in i pour enough in there so that the dowel stands
up on its own and what you want to do is with another dowel just kind of compact it in make
sure everything nice and tight in there and compact that sawdust and you just keep repeating
that until you fill it up to the level you want and that is usually about where i stop now if you want to do like a long term storage for this
thing of if you want to take with you on a hiking or camping trip i would make this dowel
pretty much flush with the top of the can and then you can reuse the lid and kind of
keep everything in there tape it up rubber band it up what ever you need to do to keep
that secure but when i take this out kind of i kind of wiggle the dowel around get it lose and i do the same thing for the bottom one and take it out i do it slowly cause i don’t want to everything to collapse on me and that should leave you
with a nice hole on the inside should give you a hole on the side to and thats pretty
compact you might have to you know make a little room in there but that is basically it we will cover it up for a minute and we will go burn it now you can pretty much see that the air is going to flow through here and then flow trough
the top and give you a nice chimney effect next we are going to collect a little bit
of pin sap from our pine tree to help get our fire started you dont need a whole lot
just a little bit and you can see how you get that chimeny effect going you let that
burn for a little bit and then you can put what ever you want on top once you get a nice
flame at the top you are ready to go now you could drill holes at the top of your
can to allow for some air flow i am just going to use some tent stakes just to give me a
little bit of a gap there so everything can flow and move now i am just going to put my
container right on top and let that cook if you feel like your fire is not hot enough
just a little bit more fuel to the bottom thank you guys for watching and if you enjoyed
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