Kirsty: See, because I would have started filing and you would have gone “oh my God, oh my god put the lid on”. Fay: I’d of gone ape you know i would of. Kirsty: So, I’m just, gonna file these now. I will file the side walls, get them nice and straight and then go around the cuticle like I normally do. Fay: you have to careful because if it bleeds, you’ll go nuts. Adam: If it bleeds, it bleeds. Fay: No! If it bleeds, it …
Adam: That’s a new story. Kirsty: If it bleeds, she’ll get nuts when it goes into the topcoat. Fay: Be careful! Just seeing what you’ve just done, you went at it like a saw. through a piece of wood Did you see it? Vicious Kirsty: That’s not vicious. Fay: oh, god. Kirsty: Straight! Fay: Don’t do it with a curve in. Yeah they’re god them are. I’ll let you off. Kirsty: got myself a victory dance. Fay: Oh, can we do a little cartoon yeah, you know little cartoons, with Kirsty on it? Adam: Eh? Kirsty: Put a little cart… Fay: careful! Put a little cartoon with Kirsty on the things Kirsty: No, that’s me when I put on snapchat. Fay: I wouldn’t do that, I’m sorry! Kirsty: Yeah. I’m gonna buff over with the white block just to smooth them out. Fay: Nice fill that is. Kirsty: Do you like it here?
Fay: Hmm. Yeah. Fay: i bet people would have a lot more. Nail grows in like four and half weeks. Kirsty: Yeah. Fay: But me hair don’t grow very quick. Kirsty: No! Fay: all my nails don’t. Do you reckon it means anything. Adam: ** Fay: Half the time its slimming. Thanks for reminding me, Adam. I was being nice to earlier. Adam: So something grows fast though. Fay: Mmhm Kirsty: Your ass. Adam: I thought you said half pound that you’d put on its your hair, in your nails. Kirsty: It could be yours nails. They could be right, those people could be right. You put weight on because your nails have grown. Fay: What a load of kak. kaka poo poo Kirsty: kaka poo poo
Fay: kaka poo poo Kirsty: Just gonna wipe over with pure acetone. Fay: No, Adam, thank you. Adam: [inaudible]
Fay: Exactly! Adam: That was shocking. She’s attacking me now as well. Fay: No. Kirsty: Top coat this with urban graffiti top coat. Fay: She’s gonna get her wooden stick out. Kirsty: I know I explained what the wooden stick’s about. Fay does like to understand. Fay: I do. Kirsty: Everything. Fay: [Fay singing] Kirsty: That’s not understanding, that’s respect. Fay: I respect what you do. Kirsty: Oh. Is that? Oh… Adam: but she doesn’t understand? Fay: No. Kirsty: She just respects us. Fay: I don’t understand but I R S E. Kirsty: Oh God! M R S A? Fay: It’s like Ali-G. Have you never seen it. I don’t like that film, i can’t stand that film. Adam: What film? Fay: Yeah, but it’s spelt, He can’t spell respect. Kirsty: Ali-G. Adam: Oh Ali-G. Fay: Yeah.
Adam: Right. Fay: Yeah Ali-G Adam. Adam: I thought you said L, E, G…Leg. It’s why i was confused, with your weird accents down here. Fay: Wyeye man don’t get picking on our accents. Adam: Since when was i Jamaican. Fay: Oh look she’s here with a wooden stick. Kirsty: The wooden stick is getting rid of any gel that is sticking on to your skin. Adam: It’s called the orange wood stick. Fay: Is it made out of oranges? Kirsty: It’s definitely not. I don’t even know why. Fay: Why is it called an orange wood stick? Kirsty: I think it used to be orange. Fay: Oh, okay! Kirsty: I don’t know, somebody tell me. Somebody educate me. Alright! Go on pop that in. Fay: you haven’t done all of them though. Kirsty: OH! shut up! Fay: You haven’t put the orange wood stick. Kirsty: I don’t need to put the orange woodstick around all of them. Fay: The orange wood stick that’s made of oranges didn’t touch every cuticle. Just saying. Kirsty: Every finger didn’t have a bit of gel on the skin. Fay: Oh no, I’ve touched the top of that. Kirsty: I’m going to smash your face in. You’ve touched the top of the lamp? Fay: Oh my God. I know I was distracted with the orange wood stick. I like that colour in your nail, Kirsty. Fay: That colour there.
Kirsty: That? Fay: Hmmm
Kirsty: Nice isn’t it Fay: Yeah why’ve i never had it. Kirsty: It’s not available yet. Fay: Oh, ain’t it? So why do you always have it on. Kirsty: Shhh! Because I get it first Fay: yeah but. It’s a bit like another client having my glitters in their nail. Kirsty: You can’t have it.
Fay: Why? Kirsty: That way I can have it. Fay: Bullshit! Kirsty: Testing it. Fay: I like it though. Let me look at it. Shock i spotted it. Yeah, I like it. Kirsty: Give us your hand. Fay: It’s not cured. Kirsty: Been in for five years. It’s been in the lamp long enough, yeah. Just gonna put some oil on. There you are guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed that video, I hope you’ve enjoyed having Fay back. If you want her back again, comment below. Don’t comment, no, don’t comment… And we’ll do more videos with her. So, all the products that I’ve used today will be listed below as always. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram. And I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye, bye! You wanna say bye, Fay? Kirsty: challenge Adam: Challenge Fay to wear some topics nails for 10 minutes. Fay: Come on what are topics nails. Kirsty: Topics nails.
Fay: What nails? Kirsty: Oooh! She would never! She would never do it, she just would be suicidal Fay: What? Kirsty: Because like the structure is different. Fay: Not one of it. Not the ones where you keep layering. Kirsty: No. It’s off. Fay: Dip it. Kirsty: No, not them. Fay: Don’t go doing no dippy-dippy nails on me. Kirsty: Dippy-dippy nails. Fay: No! Kirsty: What is this? Me messing around. Fay: I’m sorry
Adam: That’s one of them isn’t it Kirsty: No! Fay: I’m sorry, but Kirsty… Adam: Is that the one that you’re trying to do with the thingy nail? Kirsty: No, it’s inside. Fay: Freesia will do. Kirsty: The one that i gave you one of. Fay: Yeah! I still haven’t used it. Because it’s there as a…just in case I need it for an emergency. Kirsty: You need to use it… Fay: Everyday? Yeah Are you mad you need to use cuticle oil everyday? Fay: Okay! Well I haven’t used it. I know, sorry. Kirsty: What? What’s the use of having something when you don’t use it? Fay: Do you want me to use it tomorrow.
Kirsty: What? What’s the use of having something when you don’t use it? Kirsty: Yeah! Fay: Right, Okay! I’ll use it from tomorrow, everyday. Kirsty: Every day. Fay: Till I come in the next four weeks. Do you reckon that my… Adam: Did you save your vows? Fay: Do you reckon that my cuticles would look even better? Kirsty: Yeah.
Fay: Do you think they’d be a little more moist Kirsty: Oh! Everything will be better Fay: more conditioned. Kirsty: Yes! Fay: Don’t like the word moist. Fay: No, I don’t.


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