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I just like dressing up everyday dressing
up in terms of almost making my outfits a costume every day. I want everyday to be like Halloween. Like when I dress gothic, I’m feeling like
Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice. When I’m dressing in poofy skirts and pink
lipsticks, I feel like sometimes an anime character. It doesn’t matter how I wake up feeling,
if I put on an interesting outfit and I feel like I stand out, it makes me feel good about
myself. The majority of my wardrobe is either from
thrift stores or handmade. This is a skirt that has 50s sci-fi movie
posters on it, and my mom made this for me. This is a necklace that I made out of Barbie
shoes. This past summer I got my wisdom teeth pulled
out and instead of throwing them out I decided to make a necklace out of them. I can’t just wear a skirt, a shirt, shoes
and walk out the door, that’s boring to me. I like to put things in my hair, have barrettes. I want a bunch of necklaces. So I’m kind of all over the place, but everything
ties together. I never really go out and say I’m looking
for this specific item, I kind of just enjoy the hunt. This probably won’t even fit me ‘cause
it’s meant for kids, but it’s vintage and I just really like the fabric. Maybe I could do something with it. There is no science or formula when I make
an outfit. I’ve definitely gone through phases. I’m inspired a lot by Japanese fashion,
like the gothic Japanese fashions where there are lots of skulls motifs. Stop, that is cool. This is like a Halloween, leather biker jacket. Definitely 90s ad 80s fashion, like the crop
top, the chokers, the Doc Martens. I feel like you wear sweaters like this. I actually like this. I’d probably wear it. And then I also very much like the 50s housewife
look with he big poofy skirt, high socks, platform shoes. A lot of vintage inspiration, since everything
kind of comes back at some point. I’ll just go with these. To the pile! It’s just kind of like a scavenger hunt. I used to be very self-conscious most of my
life. Not everyone thinks the way I dress is nice,
some people think it’s kind of strange, kind of tacky. When I got to college, that kind of went away
because there are more people here that have unique styles, and I feel like I’m judged
less here. I think people should just kind of go for
it and wear what they want, because at the end of the day, your clothing is for you. It’s who you are as a person. And if you want to wear something and you
want to look a certain way, then do it.

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