TOFT UK DK Yarn Unboxing – Dinosaur Bundle ~PLEASE WATCH IN HD~

Hi guys! Today I’m super-excited to be
opening my first ever delivery from TOFT Alpaca shop I ordered it at the beginning of the year when they had 10% off sale so I do recommend, because they are quite expensive, if you watch out for the sales I ordered the dinosaur package so
I’ve got the free patterns for the dinosaurs so I’ll be doing those as soon as I
finished the Edward’s menagerie the The hardest choice was to choose which
colours, so those are the colours that I chose in the end… It’s super soft and I
can’t wait to see how it crochets I’m not planning on knitting at the moment, just crocheting I’m doing all the animals in chunky yarn so because this is only DK, which very thin, the animals that you make, will be… well, they call it “standard” size I call it really small size so they will be like “babies” for my animals so what I’m going to do, I’m going to wait till I finish all the big animals and then I’ll decide which animals will get to have a baby 🙂 and make those in the TOFT Yarn I will also be looking for another chunky yarn that’s 100% wool or has some alpaca in it because I think I’ve had enough of the
Hobbycraft’s Women’s Institute yarn for now I want to move on something a bit more softer and natural The yarn is not alpaca, is wool, 100% wool It’s DK As you can see it’s just standard DK Here’s a comparison with a just normal acrylic cheap yarn from Hobbycraft so you can see they’re pretty similar in thickness So yeah, here’s my TOFT yarn, I I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope it helps if you
are looking to buy this I am NOT associated with TOFT at all This is just a designer that I chose to do my this year’s projects Thanks for watching guys! Bye!

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