Transparent Christmas Baubles Nail Art – E-File/File Through Technique – Step by Step Tutorial

Hi everybody, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails, and it’s Christmas time! So, we’re gonna do a quick simple design using acrylic and this is a bauble-inspired design. So, I’m working on a clear nail. If you were doing this on a real person, you would sculpt out a clear extension or you could use a clear tip at the end. I’m gonna use clear acrylic, pick up a bead, drain out the excess, pop it on and then let it do its thing. So, we just let it polymerize. Don’t need to touch it or anything like that. That’ll help it to be more circular. And you’re gonna get your brush, flatten it off. So, it’s flat like that. Get your flat side and then just pat it. And that will make it even more round. You can adjust anything at this stage if you think, ”oh no! It’s just not quite round there.” And you’ll have some height. So, you can see the height there. And then, I’m gonna do a different shape. And then we just have round baubles. Like a kind of tear-droppy, diamond shape bauble. You will need to work this one into the shape. Keep everything nice and neat. Remember you need the height. Really important. Pat the top again. And again, we’ve got that height, and we’re gonna add some more. So, you’ve got your baubles on. Now, we’re gonna add some colour, so we’re gonna use pure red. Gonna pick up a red bead straight on the nail and just cover the nail. Don’t worry about your baubles. And then I’m gonna add a little bit of glitter. I’m gonna use wine knot mini glitter and I’m gonna use bronze superfine glitter because Christmas is not Christmas without glitter. So, I’m just gonna wet that with my brush and then pick up little pieces of the glitter. and just feed them in between the baubles, in any sort of… there’s no sort of rhyme or reason, it’s just a random pattern. Same with the gold as well and the bronze. We just need incense in there now, don’t we? Is it gold, bronze, incense and myrrh? Adam: It’s myrrh.
Kirsty: I don’t know. Kirsty: Someone needs to tell us. Kirsty: Sure somebody will comment.
Adam: I’m sure somebody will comment. And we’re gonna add clear and basically what you’re doing now is encapsulating the glitter. Make sure you cover the glitter and the red and now we’re gonna let that dry. It needs to be set and then we can file. But I’m going to use the electric file on this nail, so I’m gonna take it off the stand. I’m gonna start to file through. You will reveal your bauble. First of all, go over where your baubles are and then you can concentrate on the rest of it after. We are smoothening the rest of it out now. I’m gonna hand-file. Adam: Is it hard to hand file a tip Kirsty: Yeah, it’s a bit awkward, really. Practicing on that tip is really good of course, You can display them in the salon. You can do some little designs that you … you don’t necessarily have to have a go with this doing it on a normal, you know, real person. And do them on tips and then have them in the salon displayed and then people might go, “Oooh!” Adam: On a facebook page or instagram. Kirsty: Yeah! People will go ‘Oh! I’ll have one of them. because you don’t have to do a full set of these. You could do all red nails with a bit of glitter. and then just add that accent nail that’s got the baubles on. and then when it’s not Christmas and they come for their fill, you can just cover this nail with gel polish, and then it’ll change the design instantly. So, I’m gonna buff this nail now, make it smooth. It’s cool, ain’t it? I’m gonna wipe over with acetone. Get it all nice and clean. Put some backing paper from sculpting form and I need some white acrylic paint. I need a detailing brush, a little bit of water. I’m gonna water it down a bit. I’m not making a wash, I’m just watering it down so it goes on really fine and I’m just gonna add some detail to this. You can do any design you want to. You don’t have to do like little snowflakes like this, you can do anything. You don’t even have to put the design on. I make this one look like it’s got some snow. Alright! Once you get to that point and you’ve added your little decorations, we’re gonna do some little fine lines, as if they are the sort of ribbon that’s holding the… See baubles aren’t just for Christmas trees. You can hang them around your house, you can make pretty things out of it. And we’re gonna add some draping beads as well. I’m gonna seal this with the urban graffiti topcoat. And you could just leave it like that. It looks pretty cool like that but we’re gonna take it one step further, as always. Right! What I’m gonna do now is, I’m gonna use this metallic gold and I’m just gonna add a little bit here. Don’t worry about it being too neat at this stage. I’d say you don’t have to do this. It just adds a little bit more to it. So, I think there’s too much on there, so I touch it with my brush and it’ll just suck up any of the excess. Clever little trick. And now we’re gonna let that dry. So we’re gonna put it into the lamp to encourage that to dry. We’ll air dry but it’s nice to put in the lamp. So, we’re gonna use some mega gloss now. pop a little dollop of mega gloss onto a backing form. And get a bit of dot on your dotting tool and just dot onto the gold. Hit the top of your baubles. Like that. And we’re gonna cure that. And then with mega gloss again, you’re going to add some height to your baubles. So, just run it around the edge, work it in and I tip it upside down and then bang in the lamp. You’re gonna do this one at a time. Using acetone, what we’re gonna do now is wipe over and what that I’ll do is, get rid of any of the excess gold that we put on and it’ll just leave those little dots for you. So, you can see that everything’s domed. and it kind of gives it… it gives it a weird reflection thing, don’t it? Gives it depth as the nail moves. Makes them look like they are actual baubles. Clear crystal clear gorgeous baubles and a little bit of metallic. It’s nice on there because it adds that bit of metal that you got on baubles as well. So, there you are. That’s a lovely Christmas bauble inspired designed for you. Merry Christmas to everybody in the world! Don’t forget the products I’ve used today. If you want to see them, they are listed below. And I’ll see you in the next video. Love you guys! Merry Christmas! Bye bye! For those of you that have completed your Christmas shopping, I hate you with all my heart. So jealous. You know, I have people that say to me, “Oh yeah, i’ve done all of my christmas shopping and everything. I’m like, ”it’s not even November!”


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