Tubular Netted Beaded Bead with Swarovski Pearls!

Hi, everyone. Leah here from Eureka
CrystalBeads.com with another fun beading video for you before I get
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and you’ll always know when we’re posting new content so today what I’m going to
show you all how to do is a really fun little beaded bead now there are tons of
different variations of these on the interwebs this one is using the netting
technique and you’ll I’m sure see various variations of this as well the
netting is a really fun technique this is tubular netting and it’s a really fun
technique to make a lot of projects with but it really lends itself to beaded
beads very nicely so that’s what I’m going to show you how to do here and
what we will need to do this project are a few different sizes of Swarovski
pearls so here I have three four and six millimeter Swarovski pearls we need six
of the three and the four millimeter and three of the six millimeter and we’ll
link you all to this stuff below too – we need a color of a size 11 seed bead and we
need a color of a size 15 seed bead and what I’m gonna do is mine is going to be
sort of a dark to light back to dark motif but have fun playing with colors
with these they’re a lot of fun they work up nice and fast and what’s
beautiful about them is that you can string right through them when they’re
done so you could string softflex right through the center of this you could
string this onto a head pin and wire wrap it into an earring or a pendant
they’re pretty versatile you can also use crystals in place of the pearls for
a bit more of a sparkly look so we’re gonna start off by picking up
three of our three millimeter crystals with a size 11 seed bead in between each
one so it’ll be a total of six beads with the beads alternating and I’ll
bring everything up to the camera so you can see there we go so you can see what we got there I’m
gonna bring this to the end of a piece of six pound fire line that I have on a
size 12 needle I do have it waxed because I prefer to wax my fire line and
I have about a two-foot piece here but I will have some left over it really only
takes about a foot and a half and I’m gonna tie this little loop in a square
knot that’s right over left left over right to pull my two knots down together
so we basically just want a nice little loop just like that now I’m gonna go
through a few beads in my ring just to pull the knot into the beadwork
and I’m gonna go through three beads because I want to make sure that I
finish this step coming out of one of my size eleven seed beads and if you would
like some printed out instructions of this by the time this loads my blog will
be posted as well and the blog has step-by-step pictures of this as well I
know a lot of you were saying how you really wanted to see some projects done
in blog form so you could print them but also in video form so you could see them
in motion to be made so that’s what I got here for you so next what I’m going
to do is I want to pick up a grouping of seed beads and that grouping is going to
be two 15s, an 11, and then two 15s and I’m going to go through the next size 11 in my
little ring here hopping right over that 3 millimeter *pearl* and then I’m gonna
repeat that two more times but this is what we got there I’m gonna repeat that
two more times this is a great easy project it’s a
fantastic beginner project but then you can sort of make them as ornate as you’d
like by making them even bigger you can even embellish off of them if you want
so when I go to do this last little grouping I’m going to go through the
size eleven seed bead but then I’m going to step up right through the next two
15s and the size eleven which were which was the first half of the group that I
that I started with so this is what we got here we’re
exiting out of a size 11 but not a size 11 from the original beaded ring we’re
exiting out of the first new size 11 that we had added okay now we’re gonna
start to get a little 3-dimensional here so I’m gonna pick up a four millimeter
crystal and I’m gonna go through the next size eleven that I newly added so
we’re skipping over the one that was in the original ring and we’re going
through one of the new ones that got added in the last step and when you pull
it all the way down you give it a little bit of a tug it becomes a little
3-dimensional it pulls those little flaps up so I’m going to repeat that
again because we want to add a total of three beads in this fashion I’ll give
you a nice good close-up so then here is the final one just like this so it looks like this
from the top that from the sides okay and those three little flaps that
we made that were kind of flared out to the side are now pulled up because
pulled up and in because of the four millimeter pearls so now we’re going to
pick up another grouping of seed beads only this time we’re going to do four 15s, a
size 11, and then four 15s and I’m gonna hop right over into the next size 11 in this
beaded ring if you sort of look at it from the top
you’ll see you have like a beaded ring similar to what we started with where
there’s a seed bead in between each pearl so this is essentially the size 11
seed bead that’s in between the next two pearls in our ring we’re gonna make
three more flaps so another four 15s an 11 and then four 15s now we’re gonna go
through the next size 11 there we go, got a little twisted there and then one more time and then we’re gonna step up just like
we did before where we’re going to go through the size eleven that we need to
go through but then we’re also going to go through the first half of the first
flap that we added in this step so which means going through those four 15s and
then the eleven that’s sort of right in the middle of that flap this is what we
have here okay because now we’re gonna add in
pearls that are gonna put push these flaps up like that so now we’re gonna
pick up a six millimeter crystal I’m sorry a six millimeter pearl you’re
gonna go through the tip of the next little flap here through that 11 and
you’re gonna see that it’s gonna pull the flaps up and in we’re gonna do it
again pick up another six millimeter pearl through the tip of the next 11 and
then once more pull it all together now that’s what you
should see from the top again we’ll always sort of see that that little beaded
ring from the top similar to what we started with down there only we’re just
increasing in size and then you can see how we’ve now made half of our beaded
bead pretty fun so now what we’re gonna do is just mirror on the other side what
we just did so we’re gonna pick up our groups of four one four meaning four 15s
one eleven and then four fifteen we’re gonna hop right into the next size
eleven in our ring so that way this little flap gets formed around the Pearl
that we’re skipping over and it may want to pop down or or pop-up you can
encourage it to go ahead and pop up because that’s where its final
destination is going to be anyway so pick up four one four go through the next size 11 seed bead in our ring and then do
it one more time and then you guessed it we’re gonna have a step up which like
all of the other step ups will mean just going through the first half of the
first flap that we did so go through the 11 and then through the first half of
the first flap so that’s the four the four 15s and then the 11 that was in
the middle and before you pull it tight just make sure that all of those flaps
are heading up in the right direction see that so now we’re going to nest in
our four millimeter crystals a four millimeter pearl sorry by going through
size 11 and right at the tip of the next little flap just turn the beadwork in
your hands pick up the next pearl go through the next size 11 and then the
next one now remember we only do a step up when we’ve added in those groups of
seed beads when we are adding in the pearls there there is no step up you
immediately just start right with the next step when you’re coming out of that
size 11 seed bead so now we have to add in our little flaps and this is going to
be again back to the beginning where we did two one two meaning two 15s one 11 and
two 15s head right on into the next 11 there turn your beadwork in your hands
repeat that again two one two go right into the next 11 there we go one-and two-and because this was a step
where we’re adding little seed beaded flaps we will have a step up so you’ll notice
I went right into the first half of the first flap as my step up and again just
encourage those flaps to head upwards not fold back downwards and now we’re
gonna add in our final beads which are the three millimeter pearls again it’s
gonna be just like the beginning which means we’re gonna go through the tips of
those flaps super simple and easy you can see how fast this worked up we
haven’t cut away at all on the video it works up really nice and fast you can
see how that pulls it all together you have a really pretty little sort of like
dark to light beaded bead going on here I absolutely love it now to finish it
off we’re just gonna have to weave out our thread so what I like to do is I do
like to circle around through this top ring here just to kind of tighten
everything up and then you can just weave through your bead work tying some
half-hitch knots along the way to secure your thread and your beads are gonna be
plenty easy to go through this is not a project where you have to worry about
breaking needles or breaking beads it’s a nice stress-free sort of a project
which I think we all love the idea of where’s my hole that’s the tough thing
with the black pearls and is it’s tough to see the hole alright so now I’m just
gonna head diagonally down into the bead work it just follow the thread paths
that are already there and I’m gonna start to do some half-hitch knots so I’m
just gonna get my needle caught underneath the little bridge of thread
in between the two beads where I’m coming out pull almost all the way
through and then go through that loop pull down and you have a little knot
that’s pulled down into your bead work go through another few beads and you can
do another knot as well so you’re gonna want to do the
same thing with your tail of thread I left the tail that’s just you know an
inch and a half or a couple inches long however much of a tail you need to
properly weave in your thread some may need more thread there than others
that’s up to you but again I started with two feet of fire line you can see I
have plenty left I did not need the whole two feet a foot and a half would
have been fine and that is what I tell you in the blog as well just the the
foot and a half will be fine so again just one more little half
hitch knot and I’ll be good to go this also helps going through the the bead
like this also helps to tighten it up as well which is always a good thing
anytime I’m doing beadwork that’s sort of going to be more of a
three-dimensional structure I like it to have some some stiffness to it
so it feels so it doesn’t get floppy it doesn’t collapse in on itself you want
it to sort of feel substantial and then and that’s all she wrote folks fun
little beaded bead again you can string fire line right through that hole in the
center it goes right out the other side or you could string this onto a head pin
and you have an adorable pair of earring so let me show you the the other one I
made and then we have this one here again they don’t they don’t match and
that’s okay they’re not gonna go in the same project but gives you an idea of a
couple different color schemes and they’re super adorable and I hope you
guys enjoyed watching this video make sure to head on over to EurekaCrystal
Beads.com and you’ll be able to purchase any of the materials used in
the video and it will also link them to you below and we’ll see you next time,

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