Turn Your Grill Into A BBQ Smoker With This AMAZING Gadget

Hey guys, it’s Jeremy Jones tech review. I found a gadget for outside That’s gonna bring your barbecue to a whole nother level check out the video So we’re gonna do a quick unboxing Then I’m gonna showing you outside on the BBQ what this actually does and how it works We’re gonna do a live demonstration here in a few seconds But I wanted to unbox this now you can have that same taste of a smoker right on your gas or electric or char-broil Barbecue with just pellets and a six-inch, too So what’s cool about the six inch tube It uses a pellet so you can get different flavors of the smoke here will smoke for two hours It’s a little combo kit comes with a starter gel and so forth Right here on the backs there’s no more soaking wood chips to fill the tube with the BBQ pellets light it and place it in the smoker grill and It produces some really good smoke and we’re gonna show you that here in a second Let’s do a quick unboxing of this to show you what you get So this right here is the pellets that they give you this one comes with the all-natural the Pittman’s choice Which is cherry Hickory and maple kind of percent all wood flavor. See what I’ll say. They giving this package here a Little fired up about the wood flavors and instruction manual have a how to get a Lit up here and the pellet usage for a six-inch They do have that 12 inch tube that was supposedly smokes for four hours And they have some different variations of of those I saw this one particular one on demonstration and it was which I’m going to show you here Shortly, and it was it was pretty nifty She’s got to make some beef jerky smoke some salmon Different, you know smoked doubled eggs, and I’ll let you guys go through that when you guys get your package here This is the starter. Gel. I saw this in the demonstration. He put a little bit of this on there We can go through the instructions here contains Denatured alcohol I’m gonna see here we certainly feel No, lit coals flames that I flip open the cap put liberally on the fuel close the container But it’s safe distance before you light it And see here and this is the tube we’re talking about here. So we’re gonna fill this with Pellets here and we’re gonna just light this up and we’re gonna put on the smoker. I want to show you what this little gadget very cheap in comparison To what would cost for an electric smoker or a full-on smoker and that was it for the package here? I was taking a peek inside it I mean they lock over the gel here but for the price and I’ll put that all in the description below With a link on how you can get this once you see this in action. It’s gonna be impressive ok guys, we have the two filled and it says put the the gel on the top here and light it it says if you have A flaming torch or torch flame hold it for 45 minutes Excuse me, 45 seconds. My goodness. Hold for 45 seconds is to set your two horizontally on a level surface Or grate with a propane torch on low like the pellets through the open in for 45 seconds Small flame will appear on the top of the pellets allow this flame for burn for 10 minutes. Do not rush this step So we’re just gonna let this go for a minute and we’re gonna come back So not quite 10 minutes yet, but it has a pretty good smoke going on Already, I have my meat products here. I want to introduce that smoke I just want to say real quick when I do fire up the grill. I’m gonna only fire up this side now This isn’t a barbecue channel, but I just want to say in the instructions This gadget said do not put any heat directly above it to only turn the burners on on this side So I’m following directions with this gadget. I’m gonna let this continue building up a nice flavorful smoke in the barbecue I wanted to cover that that heat section on that gadget. This gadget has a lot of good recipes on here guys It comes with a little book it talks about cold smoking the benefits from using this Versus a electric smoker like this that I have right here. Is this particular one? I have to use a heat with it, right? I have to get the chips going. I have to soak the chips I have my water pan on this gadget that I have going on is still introducing the smoke here I can do cheese’s and so forth without adding heat to it So there’s a lot of cool things about smoking a cold smoking where you’re gonna do it in temperatures below 100 degrees I feel the cold smoke when outdoor temperatures are cooler. So today I have a nice windy day It’s fairly cool. I can I can call it smoke, you know cheese for the next two or three hours however, I’m gonna introduce some other food and I’m gonna actually Get the smoker going Blow that out a little bit Some I blow that out and I’m gonna have my smoke on this side and I’m gonna have my heat over on this side So great little gadget. I don’t know if you guys can see this but there’s a huge amount of smoke coming off the grill It’s it smells so wonderful. Is that cherry Hickory things pumping out the smoke? No heat can touch the grill, right? No G so thing’s doing amazing It’s introducing so much cold Hickory cherry smoke into the grill when this one I do finally turn this on to barbecue I’ll do both sides really quick And this is gonna taste amazing, but I wanted to show you how to use this little gadget to improve your barbecue Hey guys, as you can see this product really delivered So for less than $30, I think I paid $27 got the tube the gel and the pellets things outstanding for cold smoking This is the gadget to have so that you can definitely turn your barbecue around even if you’re doing it You’re introducing heat or you’re looking for that cold smoke definitely a cool little gadget to have in the BBQ kit, right? So I’ll leave all that product info in the description below Make sure you check that out and always we thank you for watching Jones tech review

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