[Tutorial] Finding and using your MongoDB Atlas connection strings

hi and welcome to MongoDB Atlas tutorials my name is Jay and I’m a developer advocate with MongoDB I’m here to teach you more about getting started with our databases of service Atlas today we’ll go over how to find your character string and connect to your Atlas cluster once you’ve launched a MongoDB Atlas cluster and configured your whitelist it’s time to start determining how you can implement it as part of your application let’s talk briefly about the connection string from the cluster screen let’s click the connect button which will reveal a modal with the information that we can use to get working with our Atlas cluster here we can see sections for our URI connection string our driver connection examples connection with the Mongo shell and then eventually how we can connect using MongoDB compass to connect via the MongoDB shell once you’ve determined how to use your MongoDB connection string just click connect scroll all the way to the bottom go to the connect with the MongoDB shell area copy it go to your terminal paste it hit return go ahead and type in your password and you’re ready to go if you’re running into any Atlas issues contact our support team at any time click the support link in the lower left of your Atlas interface will go to MongoDB comm slash contact thanks for watching


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