Unboxing: Ruger 10/22 barrel thread adapters

Hey everybody, Rob Rosenberger here for
Mostly22LR. I got a package [of items I ordered] from Infinite Product Solutions. They sell
some interesting products — some accessories, usually cleaning accessories and suppressor
accessories, for .22LR enthusiasts like myself, [plus] .223, .308, a few others. But this
is the package that it came in. I like this package because, frankly, it’s a– It’s very [inexpensive]. I ordered about $60
worth of material and I only paid like $3 total in shipping. So let’s go ahead and cut
this open. (I’ve already looked [through the envelope in direct sunlight] to make sure
I’m not cutting anything. There we go.) And let’s see what we’ve got.
Let’s see what all of this looks like. We’ve got a couple of things here. We’ve got
a [padded] package — this is basically, that’s it for that. Infinite Product Solutions.
So, we have four items in here. Let’s see what we’ve got here. We’ve got– Nice card right here. “Infinite Product
Solutions, 951-220-7948, or just go to InfiniteProductSolutions.com.” I like these
guys a lot. I’ll be doing some reviews of these products we have here. So, let’s
take a look at the four items that I have. And this first one here is a thread protector.
We’ll be looking at this for the Chiappa “Little Badger.” Nice little thread protector right
there. We’ve got a (let’s see, ah, there it is)– We’ve got a little bitty, that’s a “set screw”
I think. A set screw replacement. This is a brass set screw for these bad boys right
here. One of these is a [Ruger] 10/22 to 3/4″ by 16 TPI black aluminum [adapter], and the
other one is a [Ruger] 10/22 to 1/2″ by 28 TPI black [aluminum adapter]. So, that’d be
this one right here. And what this is– This one right here (let’s move this one off
to the side) is a thread installer for a smooth barrel at the muzzle for your [Ruger] 10/22.
I’ve got a 10/22 in my collection right now for a different purpose, but we’re going to
go ahead and take a look and see how this works. And this should work out pretty well.
I should be able to put my suppressor right on board that 10/22 and shoot very nicely.
And then this right here is a “solvent trap adapter” for the Ruger 10/22. So, I’ll be
able to put the threads onto here on that smooth barrel, and then I’ll be able to load
that oil filter right on the end here, and I’ll be able to clean this [rifle]. Now, I’m
not exactly sure how I’m going to clean it with the oil filter up in the front. Normally
I would just use a functional cleaning method: I would use a bore snake to run it through.
But we’ll see. If I were to use the Hoppes foaming bore cleaner, this would be a really
useful tool. So, we’ll probably end up doing that to that Ruger 10/22 just to see how this
works out. So, that’s the four items that I got here. That set screw. The 1/2″ by 28
TPI adapter for my suppressor. I’ve got the thread protector for the Chiappa “Little
Badger.” And then I’ve got this, to put the oil filter on top of the Ruger 10/22. So,
we’ll go ahead and do a quick review on those in a future video.
But until then, I’m Rob Rosenberger for
Mostly22LR. And remember: .22LR is real ammunition.
Treat it as such.


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