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– Hey guys I’m Chef Tom
with all things barbecue and I want to show you a
great little wood fired oven, the Uuni 2s. (swishing) Okay so this is technically
the third version of the Uuni pizza oven, but the first
that we have carried because after some
tinkering with the design, they’ve really got it dialed in. The Uuni is designed to take
the bulk and the cost of owning a wood fired oven
out of the equation. So anyone can have a true
wood fired oven in their backyard. Let’s start with the build. The Uuni is manufactured
from stainless steel so it will start to
discolor a bit over time. In fact, you can see our
unit here has started to petina from use. The unit is designed to be
set on a table and measures just 4.7 inches tall, 13.7 inches wide, and 18.8 inches without the legs. With the optional cover, which
doubles as a carrying case, the Uuni truly is an
incredible portable oven. The Uuni is pellet fired,
but has no igniter, fans, or electronic elements. Instead it uses gravity
to feed the pellets down into the fire box. Let’s light the unit up. First thing we’re going to
do is remove the chimney cap. Now we’ll take the fire box
out, put a couple handfuls of pellets in there. Slide that back in. Now our hopper is all the way down, which gives us maximum air flow. So what we’re going to do
next is take our scoop out and we’ll add a few more
scoops of pellets down the hopper. Alright. So at this point we’ve got
pellets up to the hopper and we can go ahead and
use our torch to ignite the pellets from the back. Alright, our pellets are
ignited and we’ll be ready to cook in about 10 minutes. We’re going to be cooking us
some chicken and some veggies in various cast-iron skillets
and then a little later we’ll put together a pizza
and show you exactly how this unit works. We’ll be cooking some
veggies in Uuni’s very own sizzler pan. For the chicken we’ll be
using a Lodge 10 inch cast iron skillet. We’ve cooked chicken this
way several times and always had fantastic results. Now we’re going to have some
pretty intense heat coming across the top of the vegetables, and everything else that we
cook, so in this instance I’m going to slide the sizzler
pan in first to preheat so that it also cooks from the bottom. Alright while our sizzler
pan is heating up we’re just going to season our veggies. A little olive oil. Little seasoning. Slide our pan out. Smoking hot. Get those veggies in there. Alright, this is about
four to five minutes in, we’ve been stirring occasionally. You can see we’ve got
some really nice char, really beautiful translucent onions. And you can serve those
right out of the sizzler pan. Now as the pellets burn
their way down the hopper, you’re going to want to refill this. ‘Cause we want to keep that
fire going and the only way to do that is to keep the hopper full. Let’s place our 10 inch
Lodge cast iron skillet in there to pre-heat for the chicken. Alright. This skillet’s nice and hot. Place our chicken skin side down, no fat. Alright it’s been about five
minutes and this thing is seared on the bottom already. Really nice brown color so
we’re going to flip this over to the other side. That bottom side can handle
the heat a little better. And to protect the tops, we’ll
just cover it with some foil. Throw it back in and wait for
it to come up to temperature. Alright about 12 minutes
in we’re going to check the internal temperature. Alright and we’re at 165 so
these guys are done with that beautiful crispy skin. Okay our veggies and chicken
are done so now it’s time to cook some pizza. You know, one of the great
things about the Uuni oven is it’s pellet efficiency. Because we’re cooking at
such high temperatures, our pizza is only going to
take a matter of minutes to cook all the way through. And that means you can feed
your family on less than a dollars worth of pellets. It’s worth mentioning that
you’ll probably want to stretch your pizza dough nice and
thin because as fast as this is cooking, we need our crust
to cook very fast, as well. You’ll also want to make sure
you go light on the toppings. This is definitely one of
those less is more times. So a well floured surface
really is going to be the key to getting this off. Alright, about 30/45 seconds
in we’re going to go ahead and give this a spin. ‘Cause as you can see we’re
already getting dark over here. The Uuni oven comes with
a cordierite baking stone, which works to absorb the
heat and then crisp the bottom of the crust so that the top
and the bottom cook evenly. Look how nicely browned it
is on top from those flames lipping over it. We also have a nice crispy bottom to it. That’s a really beautiful looking pizza. Ah, really nice. It holds it’s shape, it’s
crispy on the bottom. The top is really wonderfully browned. That’s world class pizza, done
in less than three minutes on a portable pellet fed pizza oven. If you have any questions
about the Uuni 2s wood fired oven, do not
hesitate to contact our team. All things barbecue where
barbecue legends are made.


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