Uuni Pro What’s in the Box & Assembly | Product Roundup by All Things Barbecue

Hey everybody, I’m Chef Tom
with “All Things Barbecue,” and today I’m super excited
to be showing you guys the Uuni Pro, what comes in
the box and how to assemble it. (whooshing, twisting, wind sounds) The Uuni Pro is the newest, the largest, and the most versatile of
all of Uuni’s ovens to date. Now, straight out of the box,
this thing comes ready to run either a charcoal or a wood fire, with the option to purchase
a pellet hopper to run a pellet fire, and soon there
will also be a gas attachment. Let’s get started by
seeing what comes with the Uuni Pro straight out of the box. First we have the cooking chamber itself, which is much larger than previous models. The oven comes with two doors
starting with the glass door, which has the thermometer in the door, as well as the quick
pizza door, which you can leave in place while
sliding pizzas in and out. We’ve got the four baking
stones, which are held in place to make one large surface
area with the stone guard, and every one of these Uuni
Pros comes with a set of gloves for handling
the oven when it’s hot. Here we have the chimney, which also has the baffle inside. Here’s the chimney cap. This is the wood and charcoal
burner and the hatch to cover. Finally, the Uuni Pro
Manual, which will help you get through the very
simple set-up process. Alright, the Uuni Pro has three legs, and the first thing we’re
gonna do is kick those down. Next we’re gonna install the chimney, which clips into place. And then we can install the chimney cap. I’m gonna slide this stone guard in place, and this is what’s gonna keep the stones from sliding forward. Comes with four nuts, and you’re just gonna tighten these with your fingers. You don’t wanna go too
tight so that it gets stuck. So we’ve got those two on the inside, and then there’s two
on the outside as well. Next, we’re gonna slide
the stones into place. As you can see, they sit
on top of these posts, and they’re stopped by the
metal bracket in the back. The charcoal wood burner installs from the front, and you
push it to the back. Last, we have the doors, and
to install the glass door, gonna slide it into place
down here and then just lift up to allow it to
hook, and it’s installed. The pizza door works much the same. You hook it into place, and
then you can actually lock it there so that you won’t knock
it free while you’re cooking. And that’s it, it’s an
incredibly simple, really quick set-up process that’ll have
you cooking in no time. If you have any questions
about the Uuni Pro, please don’t hesitate to get
in contact with our team. “All Things Barebecue, Where
Barbecue Legends are Made.”


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