Vicenza Pellet Stoves – How to Load the Pellets

Before operating your Vicenza Pellet stove, ensure the glass protection and burn pot divider is installed on the burn pot. Do not operate the appliance without these components. Once you have checked this your pellet stove you are ready to load your pellets. Choosing the correct pellets are just as important as putting the right type of gas in your car. Ensure you have selected pellets that are dry and free of dirt or impurities such as high salt content. Dirty fuel will adversely affect the operation and performance of your Vicenza Pellet Stove and will void your warranty. Ask your dealer for a recommended pellet type to meet or exceed the established standards set out by the Pellet Fuel Institute (P.F.I.) Be sure to store your pellets in a cool, dry place to ensure continued optimal performance of your stove. Never attempt to burn damp pellets. Open the hopper lid Add pellets slowly to the hopper Ensure the hopper lid is closed fully Once the pellets have been loaded the appliance is ready for START UP. For more information on Vicenza Pellet Stoves visit our website

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