Video Marketing Pearl of the Week – Keep Looking at the Camera

Hi it’s Dr. Alan and in the next few minutes
I am going to reveal to you exactly how you can make professional videos without having
to memorize a long script – nobody does that by the way – or have to do 20 takes because
you forgot the points you want to make. If you ever wondered how someone makes a 20,
30 or even 40 minute video (and I don’t recommend you make your videos that long),
and they just keep talking and talking without hesitation this is exactly how they do it
and you can do it too. Better yet, you won’t have to pawn your
wedding ring or watch collection for the equipment necessary. I’ve trained hundreds of people just like
you to do this and it is easy. For those of you that don’t already know
me. I am the creator of the SYSTEM marketing coaching
program and I train people just like you to create killer video content and use it in
the social media networks and your blog to get patients to your website and from your
website to your office. Notice I’m looking right into the camera,
and no I didn’t memorize this entire script. In fact my memory pretty much sucks. There are a lot of programs out there, now
that there are so many practice building experts, but none that I know of that creates over
20 article a month for you and teaches you to turn them into compelling videos to get
new patients and build authority. As I have said in the past they do use video
to get your attention and you should be using video to get the attention of patients. Truth is our program is not for everyone and
we limit it to only 12 new doctors a year. If you want to stand out from what everyone
else is doing and be considered the go to doctor in your community rather than send
out or post exactly what everyone else is, then you may want to contact me to see if
you qualify. I want you to notice one thing right now,
because this is the mark of a good video and one that people will watch. My eyes are looking right at the camera. Nothing is worse than people who are looking
away from the camera because they are reading a script they wrote which is on their laptop
or computer screen. Or how about those people that have the camera
pointed at them but have the script on a monitor and you see them moving their eyes left to
right and back again so you know they are reading. No one can watch these videos because they
are so disturbing and unprofessional. So what is the key to being able to create
compelling videos that make you look like you really know what you are doing and extremely
knowledgeable and professional? A teleprompter. As you can see I am using a miniature teleprompter,
called the Parrot2 and you can use this right over your webcam as I am or on your iPhone
or any camera that creates video. The camera lens shoots right through a glass
directly at you, while the script you are reading is reflected on the glass for you
to read. Up until now teleprompters were very big,
bulky and very expensive. The Parrot ended all that and now anyone can
have a teleprompter no matter what you are using for a camera. The end result is a professional video that
engages people. If you add to that good content that people
want, you have a winning combination and one that makes practice building much easier and
more enjoyable. I’ll put a list of the equipment I am using
in the description of this video so you can check it out for your own use. Again if you are serious about one on one
video marketing coaching for your practice and creating a highly credible image I do
have a couple of slots open and I am happy to talk with you. I’m Dr. Alan and remember to keep looking
at the camera.

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