E: Welcome back to Ajumma tv ! Today we are going to do a VINTAGE REACTION of Gfriend because they will be doing (already did) a comeback in March D: And we are going to start with Glass Bead D: I never really watched the MV D: you’ll see they start doing dudududu D: you know they are so happy the go to p.e D: While for us it’s the opposite E: I think there is a specific name in Korean for people who suck at gymnastics D: Really ?! E: yeah E: I saw it on … D: Gfriend always does this thing D: I can’t even say that I’m not their fan (they are just so awesome) H: How old is the one there ? (umji) D: Good question (she is now 18) D: I only know that she is the youngest, Umji H: I think they are really like real students here ( not sure if she said that, I think it is to say they are the same age as students) D: Plus they don’t have loads of make up, it’s quite simple H: She’s beautiful H: She’s like IU (Yerin) D: Yeah it was Yerin H: That is like in my country (vietnam) D: Really ? H:yeah H: It hearts D: And the worst part is that they do this live and still sing at the same time E: I do that hurt myself (hard to translate this one) D: What, try ?! I just do a 90 degree angle and I almost die E: I can’t even do the 90 degree D: Really? E: Yeah D: Well I’m saying that but me neither D: I don’t know if it is too loud … D: Actually what we thought of the video we said it during the video D: I must say it isn’t my favorite of Gfriend D: But it’s a cute debut E: I liked the song E: The video, well, E: it’s cute and nice but E:I didn’t find it particularly exceptional D: But still it’s cute, the choreo is really hard correspond to Gfriend’s image D: That we can also find in the latter MVs D: So now we can continue with ME GUSTAS TU H: It’s the same D:NO they are going back home D: You see now they are wearing a little more make-up D: So now they are in secondary school (don’t know if it’s the right name in english) D: It’s always weird for me when in the video you see them laugh but can’t heard them except from the “nature’s noise”^^ *CUTENESS EXPLOSION* H: We should do that too once D: But with us it would not glamours at all E: Especially because there we don’t heart the screams when they get wet with cold water D: But specially because … we would start cursing at each other D: “FUCK WHY DID YOU DO THAT” D: You see they did it again H: I like the t-shirt D: oohh no D:it’s so cute E: It’s the thing like cartoonish, there’s one that stops and all of the others walk into them D: It’s like the 5th person did not notice that the four other had already walk into each other *MAX CONCENTRATION* D: Did you know that Yuju auditioned for many labels (JYP) and they didn’t pick her D: When now she is one of the best vocalists in kpop D: her … her it’s too fast H: the problem is, I think that, the 2 videos we have watched H: They are always cute, at school H: And yes for students we like it H: But in the future I don’t think so D: But I think it’s like GG D: In the beginning it’s cute and their dancing is really good (vocals too don’t get me wrong) D: It’s not the classical format D: I don’t really like to compare groups but it’s not like Twice who has a much simpler choreo etc D: So I think for them the transition from cute to sexy or badass D: A bit like CLC like we saw before D: I think it will be easier but it will take some time H: You see the uniforms, it is too simple D: But the thing is, I might shatter your dreams, but in the next videos it’s a bit the same still R: They are always the same? D: No let’s say it is a concept of school life, students still D: their last comeback was not like that ( I had seen the teaser for fingertip) D: But for ROUGH which was the song that became really popular D: It was still the same type of concept D: But still we cannot really judge them D: And say that Gfriend will always stay like that when they only released 4 MVs until now E: And also because they have do built an image before changing it again D: And have a fanbase D: People that follow them, that grow with them D: Plus they are still very young so they can still change SEE YOOU FOR PART 2


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