Watch how to make the easy Shimmer Chandelier Earrings by Fusion Beads

[Mari] Hi, welcome to Fusion
Beads, I’m Mari Eriksson and I’m excited to show you how to make the Shimmer Chandelier Earrings. These are super sparkly,
they have lots of movement, and you can actually make
these in silver as well. They’re great for a party, and they’re real easy to put together. So let’s get started. (upbeat music) To make these earrings, you will need six of the 16 millimeter,
light Colorado topaz shimmer, Swarovski crystal tear drop pendants. You will need a pair of the
brass, tear drop, filigree chandelier components. Six precious metal, gold-filled,
18-gauge, open jump rings. And a pair of the precious
metal French ear wires. So, to get started, we will be adding the shimmer drops to the bottom
of our chandelier component. And I want everyone to notice that the chandelier does
have a front and a back side. So when we’re adding our crystals, we want to make sure the
shimmer side of our crystal is facing the front side of
our chandelier component. I am going to be using
two, chain nose pliers. Those are the only tools we’ll need for these simple earrings. And even though the earrings
are really simple to make, they are super fun and
sparkly when they’re done. And can really be used on a night out, at a party, whatever you’re feeling. And as you can see, I’m really using my chain nose most of the time. I’m gonna close them up. Okay. Make sure I have the front
and the front correct. I do. I’m gonna grab another jump ring. Open that up. And I’m skipping some, going
down to this middle hole here. Putting on my drop. And you always want to be a little careful working with Swarovski crystal and tools because they are… You want to make sure you don’t ever crack your crystal. Getting one more jump ring. Chain nose are so good
to open jump rings with. Make sure I’ve got the shimmer side up. Slip that on. Close that up. Okay. Now, all I have to do, is attach my ear wire to the top. Going to open it to the side, so you don’t destroy the loop. Slip that on. Close that back up. And we are done with our chandelier shimmer earrings. There we go. And you can find all of this and more, at (upbeat music)

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