Water Media with Glass Bead Gel : GOLDEN A-Z Set

Hi, I’m Patti Brady and today We’re going to explore techniques using the two new A to Z kits. This project that we’re going to work on is called water Media with Glass Bead Gel The products were going to use are Matte Medium, High Flow: Iridescent Silver, Glass Bead Gel, High Flow: Fluorescent Pink, and Indigo, and Fluid: Hansa Yellow Light. The tools you’re going to need are a soft round brush and a palette knife. The first step in our project is using the Matte Medium to seal this matte board We’re just using an inexpensive board it has a lot of absorbency And we just want to make sure that we’re going to cut the absorbency. Matte Medium is also really great for Using like a clear gesso. It’ll have a nice little tooth to it when it’s dry I really only need a very thin coat when put this to the side and let it dry and Then put our next layer on it. Now that the Matte Medium is dry. We have a nice tooth And we’re going to just add this beautiful Iridescent High Flow Silver spread it out just do a nice Complete surface edge to Edge now that I finish spreading out the Iridescent Silver High Flow I’m going to put it to the side I let it completely dry. Now that the Iridescent Silver High Flow color is dry. We’re going to apply the Glass Bead. It’s really Very white right now, but it’s going to dry clear, and you’ll be able to see the little Real glass beads that are actually in this gel for this application we really want to get the Glass Bead Gel as thin as we can we’re going to try for the thickness of one bead Okay, so we’re going to let this dry and we’re going to come back into some water media effects on it. Now that the glass bead is dry. You can see the luminosity you can see all that sheen it’s really quite beautiful, so Iridescent color is reflecting back through those glass beads and This is going to be really fun to do some water media effects on so now we’re going to go into Using two of the High Flow colors and one of the Fluids and a water media application on top of the dry glass bead gel. We’ve got a really beautiful pebbly surface here we’re going to start out wet into wet and This is going to be very loose so Be very playful with the surface and with the color you can already see how that Glass Bead Gel creates this really kind of grainy look to the paint and That’s the High Flow And you can see how the colors start to just mix by themselves as they’re there as they’re moving and Look at it. Just watch it move so Beautiful very playful very loose, and the reason we create these textures is for exactly these sorts of effects Hope you enjoyed that project and thanks for watching!


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