Weaving “Magic Yarn,” BYU volunteers make 185 fairytale wigs for children with cancer

The magic arm project is a nonprofit organization that makes princess and pirate yarn wigs for children undergoing cancer treatment. It was one of my dreams to be able to see a workshop back here at BYU. This is where I went to nursing school became a nurse. One of the greatest lessons I learned in nursing school is that we aren’t just taking care of people’s bodies but taking care of their spirits as well. This is such a small thing that we can do to make these little kids be happy. Having that experience with patients and nursing makes me appreciate this so much more. When we started receiving letters and pictures back from these families, they would tell us how these wigs aren’t just yarn wigs for them. Thank you Magic Hair Project. It’s a gift to be able to see their child just step away from that scary world of cancer and back into this is a make-believe playful childhood that they once had. We make these wigs on top row shade beanie caps, and anyone can make them. We’ve had fourteen year old boys make beautiful wigs before. We have people come help teach them how to just weave the yarn through the beanie and then style it. This is the biggest workshop we’ve ever had. Seeing all these people come like it’s made me cry. I don’t think we’ll ever know to what extent it will help these kids. It’s amazing; it’s overwhelming. I am didn’t expect this many people to show up. It’s really need to bring it back to the University that inspired me to be the kind of person to start something like this. Anyone can get involved in helping to change the life of the child who has cancer. Do you like your wig? Yeah. Who is it? Who’s it like? Rapunzel!

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