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Hi, I’m Frank with Today we
are checking out the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill. Weber has engineered this grill to
be an amazing cooking machine that will rival any Kamado grilling experience you will encounter.
Despite it’s looks, this is not the Weber kettle you cooked on in college, let’s take
a look! The body of the Weber Summit Charcoal Grill
features a double walled air insulated design, making it an incredibly efficient charcoal
grill. For added heat & smoke retention, the lid of the grill even has a stainless steel
mesh gasket. To test the heat retention of the Weber Summit,
we loaded the grill with charcoal up to the middle grate & let a brisket smoke at 225
degrees overnight, without adding any charcoal during the cook. The next time we opened the
grill lid was 14 hours later. The brisket turned out incredibly tender & juicy. After
this overnight cook, we even had about ⅓ of the original load of charcoal left in the
grill. The next game changing feature of the Weber
Summit is the built in snap jet gas ignition system. Simply connect a 1 Lb. propane tank
right here & you are ready to light your charcoal with the turn of a knob. You’ll be ready
to cook in about 7 minutes, which makes this grill convenient to use any day of the week.
The stainless steel cooking grids of the Weber Summit have a 24 inch diameter, giving you
452 sq. inches of grilling space. This is enough room to cook an entire meal for your
family at one time, which is a great time saver.
The cooking grids are hinged on both sides, for easy addition of charcoal or wood chips
while cooking. The grids are also compatible with Weber’s optional gourmet bbq system
inserts, that can add a lot of cooking surface versatility.
Beneath the cooking grids of the Weber Summit, there is a middle rack where you can set Weber’s
included stainless steel heat deflector. This works well to shield your food from the direct
heat of the coal when smoking something low and slow. It’s also a convenient place to
set a water pan beneath the cooking grids for added moisture.
The heat deflector plate also can be used at higher grilling temperatures. These wings
turned out great, and It’s nice we were able to baste them without worrying about
runaway flare ups. The deflector plate is even hinged on both sides, allowing you to
easily add coal and wood chips. The charcoal grate of the Weber Summit can
be set at this lower position for grilling temperatures… or your can set it on the
middle grate for high heat searing. The Summit comes with these char baskets, that work well
to concentrate the heat into a sear zone, while leaving some room around the edges of
the grill to cook with indirect heat. This steak got a beautiful all over sear with this
setup. The design of the Summit allows you to easily
set your airflow at the base of the grill by lining this lever up with the smoke or
high heat airflow symbols. Ash removal is made simple with Weber’s
signature One Touch Cleaning System. The fan blades at the base of the grill sweep ash
into this enclosed pan for easy cleaning. For secondary airflow control, the top of
the Summit features Weber’s Rapid Fire lid damper. Turn the wheel for small adjustments,
or tilt it out of the way for high heat cooking. Other nice features of the Weber Summit include
a hood mounted thermometer for temperature accuracy, a spring assisted lid hinge, and
a durable stainless steel handle. It is worth noting, the Weber Summit is available
in two different freestanding options. The Summit Charcoal Grilling Center configuration
features a stainless steel prep table, a slide out drawer, and a lower shelf with a charcoal
storage bin. Thanks for watching, if you have any questions
you can check us out online or give us a call.. and remember, at, we smoke.. the


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