Weld a mould to make colourful tiles from plastic waste #preciousplastic

Welcome to a new Precious Plastic video In today’s video we’re gonna make a basic mold using welding technique it’s an affordable and accessible way to make your molds and Overall the more accurate you make your mold the more accurate your output So it’s good to take your time and do it carefully and for today’s video We got our friend taco from Mexico to help. Hi Today we are going to make this tile so first we need to make a mold by cutting the parts together and welding Using a center punch which is harder than our plate We will draw a circumference of seven centimeters and then divide it in six equal parts Now that the hexagon is complete we will cut it Now we cut the walls Now that we have all the parts we will prepare them to be weld After sending the parts we are going to weld them, but we really want the welding to penetrate so we’re going to remove this material In order to allow the welding to join and fuse to the parts So this is what we want now We are going to fuse it together so we have got all the parts we are going to weld them together into one This is how it looks welded and this is grinded Once the holes are made in the wall We will make them also in the cap So just like this Once the bolts are in place. We are going to weld everything together The cap fits perfectly now So all we need is Fitting here. We will turn this Cup into a nozzle by cutting this piece and making a hole through it. Just like this Just like this So this flat sheet will bend once the plastic in injected But you don’t want that So what you want is to weld these pieces here so you have more back support Nice Back support.. That’s it! So before we inject the plastic we need to clean it off of it, maybe sanding, maybe just scratching the excess of welding While sanding always remember to smooth the edges so you avoid future accidents so now the mold is ready It’s time to inject some plastic Now the mold is solid and ready, and we are going to use the injection machine to make a tile First we are going to turn on the machine Make sure the cap is in the bottom so it doesn’t leak We wait 20 minutes until its melted enough to replace the cap with the mould And then we get it So alright the mold is now injected with molten plastic we will turn the Machine off After cooling it down. We are going to open it up and finish off the piece It’s kind of an easy step, but if you do it Properly and good care. It will make your piece good now the piece is ready because now it’s cold to do and ready to be removed from the inside of the mold we are gonna take it apart And pull the piece out So the piece is almost perfect but what needs to be done is we need to take a basic knife to remove the excess So now that our piece is finished where we need to stamp it with the right material which is polypropylene Check the video on how to detail to look make it look very nice and also how to mark it with our stamps , so now I’m going to stamp and the product is ready So this is how several tiles look like So that was a video about how to make a welded mould This time we did a very basic tile but as you can imagine Any more is possible with this many more is possible with this technique and so that was it for this video if you have a question feel free to post it up in our forums and Make sure to send us a picture of the welded moved you make or even upload your own video Thanks for watching and see you next time Bye Adios

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