What are Belly Beads | SnugTV by Snugabell

What are Belly Beads and why do you need them? The Snugabell Belly Bead Lactation Tool is a visual teaching tool to show new parents why their new newborns eat so frequently and just how tiny their newborn’s stomach is. Three solid wood beads are strung on natural leather cording and there’s an attached information belly disk. The 3 beads represent an approximate stomach size for newborns on day one day three and day ten. The attached information details the approximate quantities and it’s attached to the necklace for easy reference. Who needs Belly beads? Anyone who’s talking to new parents about how they feed their babies would find Belly Beads useful. Lactation consultants, doulas, midwifes, nurses, doctors, La Leche League leaders, WIC Organizations. Anyone who is talking to new parents about breastfeeding, about pumping, about formula feeding, can use these to show parents just how small a newborn stomach is and to reassure them that a mother’s milk, even in the first few days when they may not fully be in, is enough for their newborn.

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