What does Our Planet, Coachella and beads have in common?

hello welcome back my name is Lucy
Hughes and this is the next in my series of blogs, now I have four different
streams of blogs and this one happens to be the bead and artwork combined, so
you should see the playlist on on screen right now if you’re watching on YouTube
And since it happens to be April 2019 and Sir David Attenburgh has got Our Planet
airing on Netflix and there also happens to be the Coachella Music Festival
playing at the same time, I thought it was quite appropriate to talk about this
piece of work. Now I made this piece of work a little while ago now and it sort
of all comes together, because it’s all about what we’re doing to the planet.
It’s called Humanity and the Tree of Life, it’s not actually for sale really,
it is a study for a bigger piece in an atrium in a building. I decided
to do a piece of work that’s really focused on the animals that are not
quite so cutesy or fluffy, that everybody goes awwww and obviously you want to save
them. This is all about the reptiles, the snakes and lizards that are harder to
love let’s say, and these are two snake and lizard skin / pelts or whatever
you’d like to call it, that I’ve recreated as real, as close as I
can to the real thing, and there they are draped upon the dying Humanity The Tree
of Life set on an island, adrift, so the two skins here, they’re different,
there’s this one which happens to be the Coachella Valley fringe-toed lizard and it
is an endangered species in California and that part of the world and so I’ve
based it on that skin. This one over here is the Californian red-sided garter
snake, again that’s endangered and a spectacular
creature from all I can see, obviously I’ve not seen either of these in real
life, I’ve just done this from pictures but I thought it was phenomenal
and also the other thing about this and this art and beadwork, is that the beads
do meet the needs of the artwork really really well in terms of the scales, the
scaleyness of the of the skin, and they have a really drapey effect, you know
this is glass, these beads are glass, so there is a weight to this, so it really
does feel like it’s the real thing you know it’s it’s very strange, a
strange feeling, but just an amazing thing, so these two creatures, I studied
them a little bit and created my own drawings and designs, so this one I
made the edge all raggedy, so it’s almost like it’s been torn off that animal and
this one has been cut off quite neatly but this one is in peyote and
it’s in seed beads, Miyuki seed beads this one is in square stitch again Miyuki, but Miyuki Delicas and as I say you get just such a fantastic effect
with them and on this one, some of these beads are are kind of see-through and
they’re not opaque so against the light you get a fantastic cobweb effect on
this one, this seems very, very fragile for one of these creatures, and the
slate here is Cumbrian slate, a good piece of Cumbrian slate and the nice people in
Keswick helped to drill a hole through it and fix this piece in place in
there, so it doesn’t come out, so that is your Island, that is your rock, and then I
developed all of this with the wiring wrapping round, and what you have here are
daggers, so those are called daggers, they’re another sort of bead, but I just
love them, I just bought these on spec some time ago, and I thought they looked
just like leaves, they look brilliant so I put little daggers and little pip
things on as well, so they’re like tiny little buds, and I chose these colors
because they were sort of decaying leaves, autumn leaves, I was going to do
something with autumn and so forth, but they just lent it themselves so well
to this and I just put them on delicately all over it, and you can
see that if I just sprinkle them around it you’d get the real picture of this being
in the ocean and all these leaves just falling off, so that was kind of
my take on it and I just wanted to share with you how the beads don’t have to
be just all about the jewelry or all about bead looming, you can do so many
creative things when you put your mind to it, so hopefully that was interesting and
I hope to see you again sometime soon, do subscribe, same time, same place

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