Wood Fired Pizza on the Uuni 3 Portable Wood Fired Oven

Hey everybody, I’m Chef Tom
with All Things Barbecue and today I’m gonna be making
a Neapolitan style pizza on the Uuni 3 Portable Wood Fired Oven. (swooshing)
(plopping) (sauce dripping)
(splashing) Now like a lotta you, I have been a big fan o’
pizza for a long time. I mean in high school one
of my first jobs that I had was at a pizza shop. I worked at at pizzeria while
I was going to culinary school and after culinary school I spent years working for one of the
best bakeries in Portland who had a standing weekly pizza night. Now today we’re gonna be
making Neapolitan style pizza. And Neapolitan style pizza
has some very specific rules. So I’m gonna be up front with you. I’m probably gonna break one or two. Take it easy. It’s gonna be alright. We’re gonna have a good time today. We’re gonna make some very
simple, very delicious pizza. And hopefully I can share
with you a few of the tips, the tricks, the techniques
I’ve picked up over the years working around pizza. We’re scaling our pizza
dough to start this process. And we’re gonna need
650 grams of warm water. Now this water’s sitting right between 110 and
115 degrees Fahrenheit. (vehicle traffic passing by)
Perfect! And this is a really simple recipe. All it calls for is water, yeast, flour, and salt. Now I know that fresh yeast is kind of hard to get
a hold of sometimes, so we’re using a dry active yeast to make sure that everyone can
access this recipe at home. So after the 10 grams of yeast, we’re gonna need one kilo
of double-aught flour. And this is a super fine flour, it’s great for pizza because
of it’s high gluten content. And last, wanna add about
15 grams on kosher salt. Alright, we’re gonna place
this on the stand mixer with the hook attachment, and get this going on medium-low speed. (mixer whirring) As soon as the dough comes together, wanna set a timer for nine minutes. Alright, from here we’re going to transfer
this to a grease bowl. You can make this a little
bit easier on yourself by wetting your hands first. So we’re gonna cover
this up with plastic wrap and allow it to rise up
to about doubled in size, so it’ll pretty much fill this bowl. Well this dough’s been
rising for a coupla hours now and you can see we’ve filled this bowl up. At this point, you wanna
get it outta the bowl and divided up into the
individual dough balls. Alright, so this batch is gonna make me a half dozen dough balls. So I’m gonna divide this in half, and then each of these into thirds. Now from here we’re
just going to work these into a ball shape, tucking the dough into
the center, rotating, and then we’ll place them
on a piece of parchment and fill up these pans, before moving them to the refrigerator. So we have a nice tight surface, but it’s not overworked. It’s not tearing. And that is just perfect! And I’m just gonna cover
these with some plastic wrap, it’s got the Pam spray on it, so that we don’t form too much
of a crust on the outside. And we’ll place these in the fridge to rest for at least half
an hour before stretching. While those dough balls are resting, and before we stretch them out, I wanna put together a really
simple red pizza sauce. So it all starts with
San Marzano tomatoes. (can lid clicking)
(tomatoes plopping) We’re gonna add to that
(knife banging) one clove of minced garlic. (knife dicing) (knife chopping) And last, just a touch of kosher salt. And then we’re going to
mash this up by hand. But these are whole tomatoes that we’re just breaking
down into nice small pieces. Now if you want this to be
a little bit thicker sauce, you can strain off some of the liquid so that is kinda reduces down. But this is going to be a raw sauce that’ll go on the pizza just like this. For cheese we’re going to
use a fresh mozzarella. Traditionally that’s
a, a Mozzarella Compana or a Buffalo Mozzarella, you just wanna make sure you’re
using a fresh mozzarella, and certainly not something
that comes in a bag and is already shredded up. We’re gonna slice these nice and thin, then we’ll tear them up
to put them on the pizzas. Like I said, we’re cooking today on the Uuni 3s Portable Wood Fired Oven, and we just recently shot
a product roundup on it if you guys are interested in
how this thing comes together and how it works, go check it out. We’ll put a link down in the Description. But basically all we need to
do to get this thing started is get our firebox loaded up with pellets, and get it lit with a torch. (pellets rattling) (torch burning) (flames hissing) We’ve got some good flame now, so we want to fill up the
hopper with more pellets. (pellets rattling) At this point we can put the lid on. The air is drawing from
the backside of the unit. The door on the front is in place, and the chimney cap is off
so we create this draft and start to burn a really hot fire. Now in about 10 to 15 minutes this is gonna be ready to cook on. The oven’s preheated, it’s nice and hot. Sittin’ at about 775
degrees on the surface. The dough’s ready to go so
I’m gonna stretch these out and get our pizzas built. We’ll start with a layer of flour. Make sure that our dough
doesn’t stick to the peel. I’m just gonna press this out a little bit and stretch it by hand. (pizza stretching) This dough feels fantastic. It’s exactly where it needs to be. We’re not gonna go too large on this. We’ll need a little
thicker around the edges. Make sure it’s gonna move. (pizza sliding)
Nice! So we’ll get some sauce down,
we’re goin’ pretty light. Generally speaking
we’re not gonna go heavy on the toppings on a pizza like this. So this pizza Margherita
style of the Neapolitan pizza is going to have some red sauce, as well as some mozzarella,
and a little bit o’ basil, and that’s it. Just really simple. Now the debate is do we put the basil on
when we cook the pizza or do we wait until after? I’ve had it both ways and I
think it tastes great both ways, but it looks just beautiful
when you wait until after. So we’re gonna put some basil
on this after it comes out. And one last touch, just
a drizzle of olive oil. (pizza sliding off)
(door closing) (door opening) Alright this is probably
about 20 second into the cook. We’re just gonna rotate this a little bit, so we don’t get too dark on the back, (pizza sliding)
and back in there. (tray sliding) Mm, beautiful color around the outside. (pizza sliding) (door closing) Nice and crusty. Totally firm. Browned on the top. That’s a nice 60 second pizza. And let this basil just melt
into the top of this pizza. And I really wanna hit it
(cheese grating) with just a little bit of Parmigiano. (crust crunching) (heavy traffic passing)
Mm. Wood fired flavor to the max. I mean, that sincerely tastes
like a wood fired pizza. And it’s crispy on the bottom, still a little doughy around the edges. The flavors are simple, but they’re sincere, and they’re delicious. Okay, let’s have a little more fun. Let’s see what we can do
with a few more toppings. So again as we stretch this
we’re gonna create a border so it’s a little thicker around the edges, and then stretch it nice
and thin in the center. (dough stretching) And for this particular pie we’re going to shy away
from some of the traditions, and add some of our
favorite pizza toppings. ‘Course we’re still gonna
start with our tomato base. Gonna add to that a little
bit of Genoa salami. Some thin shaved fennel. Nice thin red peppers. Now just make sure that you’re
not overloading the pie, and anything you add to it
needs to be sliced nice and thin because we’re gonna be cooking this pie in probably about 90 seconds. Little mozzarella right there on top. And that’s good to go. (pizza sliding) (door closing) (tray sliding)
(pizza sliding) (tray sliding)
(pizza rotating) (tray sliding) (pizza sliding) This thing looks just perfect. Just the right amount of color on it. Just the right amount of
color on the bottom as well. And it’s nice and crispy. (crust crunching)
(pizza rotating) (chewing crunchy pizza)
Mm! Doesn’t get much better than that. I definitely think you guys
probably wanta stay in tonight. Forget about delivery. It’s probably time to cook
your own pizza at home. Hey thanks so much for watchin’. If you enjoyed the video, hold up, wait. We should do one more. I think we should do, we should do one more
for the barbecue lovers because you guys have made
this channel what it is, and I’ve got a pork
that I smoked yesterday, leftover, just dyin’ to end up on a pizza. Let’s do one more. Alright, I’m gonna start off just the same as the other ones. (dough stretching) I think we could still do a
little bit o’ red sauce on here. (motorcycles passing by) And of course we’ve gotta have our pork butt. Look at that beautiful bark
sittin’ on the outside o’ there. Spice it up with some onions. Little bit o’ red bell. Gotta have that mozzarella.
(birds chirping) And o’ course, a little bit o’ barbecue sauce. (pizza sliding)
(door closing) (tray sliding)
(pizza rotating) (pizza sliding) (tray sliding)
Oo, lookin’ pretty good. (cheese grating) Parmesan melting onto
the top o’ that pizza is a beautiful thing. (crust crunching)
(pizza rotating) Mm! Well, everyone is goin’ home happy today. Thanks so much for followin’ us down this
pizza rabbit hole today. And if you enjoyed the video
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