Yarn Pop Double – Customer Review & Demo

Hello! So today I wanna tell you about how this Yarn Pop bag right here has made a world of difference in my knitting life! Prior to that I was keeping my knits in this! Which, isn’t very fashionable, as you all know these knitting needles have a tendancy to be very sharp and just poke holes thru here and it just wasn’t very, very conducive. So, every since I got this bag I’ve been able to keep my knits looking beautiful and as you can tell this is a pretty pristine white and that bag right here helps keep it that way! So I’ve already got my yarn “a” which is the white yarn threaded thru this little hole right here and by the way I’m knitting a panda stack so it’s almost time for the black color of of my panda to introduce itself so I’ve already threaded my yarn “b” which is my black yarn in thru that little hole and I’m ready to put that in there and this bag is gonna come in handy in a few days or so when the kids go on spring break because we’re going on a roadtrip! Yaaay! So… I’m just going to throw this bag in one of my handbags and – ta da! I’ve got my two yarns for my panda stack in one handy very stylish little bag! Worth the investment! Definitely get one! I don’t know what I would do without my Yarn Pop bag!

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